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Image of Zeiss LSM510

- Zeiss LSM510

Zeiss Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope with 3 lasers: Argon 488nm, HeNe 543nm and HeNe 633nm. Four confocal fluorescent channels with short efficient beam paths. The software allows multitracking.

Zeiss LSM510META-

Zeiss Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope with 4 lasers including a 405nm blue diode laser. META scanning module with 2 single channel detectors & a polychromatic 32-channel detector for fast aquisition of lambda stacks & metatracking. The software allows emission fingerprinting for crosstalk-free multiple-fluorescence images with fast simultaneous excitation. 6 different fluorochromes can be distinguished in the same sample with this instrument. An environmental chamber is fitted to the microscope allowing control of the environment surrounding the sample under study.

Image of Zeiss LSM510Meta

Image of BD FACSCanto

- BD FACSCanto™

A benchtop flow cytometer with true 6-color capability and high sensitivity optics. The optical alignment is fixed so no lengthy alignment is required before analysis. The instrument does not allow sorting and collecting of cells. However, a FACSVantage is available in the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology for cell sorting.

Calcium Imaging-

An instrument enabling the measurement of calcium levels in live cells and tissues. Drugs of interest may be perfused into cells to examine the effects on calcium levels.

Image of Concord  calcium imaging microscope


-Computer Workstation

A computer workstation is available for the analysis of data obtained from the above instruments.


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