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-Wellcome Trust

-Carl Zeiss UK

-BD Biosciences

- Nanoprobes Inc.


LSM510 - 20/hr
LSM META - £25/hr
FACS Canto - £25/hr
Concord - £10/hr or £25/half-day session
Sector Imager - £10/hr for reading & analysis

- CEOS Safety Booklet

About the Bio-imaging Suite

The Bio-imaging Suite at the University of Bath has been created jointly by the Wellcome Trust and the University. The facility consists of two confocal laser scanning microscopes, a benchtop flow cytometer and a calcium imaging instrument. The equipment enables researchers to create detailed 3D pictures of cell organelles and to examine ‘live’ cells through incubation systems that facilitate the study of cellular changes over time. The instruments are put to use in projects investigating inflammatory diseases, stem cell biology and diabetes, as well as in research areas including neuroscience and developmental biology.

The Bio-imaging Suite is situated in the Centre for Electron Optical Studies (3West 2.11-2.16) housing four electron microscopes. The University of Bath is one of the few universities in the UK to have an imaging facility that incorporates confocal with electron microscopy.

To Book Instruments:

- Facilities in the Bioimaging Suite are available for use by university staff and students. Please contact Adrian Rogers ( to arange an introductory training session(s). Following this session users will be registered in the CEOS/Bioimaging Online Booking System for the instrument(s) they have received training on. Instruments may then be reserved online through the 'Bookings' link on the right (internal use only). Users will be billed monthly for instrument use.

- Students should discuss the use of Bioimaging Suite facilities with their supervisor before arranging an introductory training session.

- Problems with the use of the booking system should be referred to Ursula Potter (


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