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Consultancy Work

Bullet point An important role of the CEOS is to make its services and expertise widely available. To this end we are always interested in expanding our contacts with Industry, Government and Commerce for consultancy work or staff training.

Bullet point Short medium and long term projects can be undertaken. For further details or informal discussions please contact Ursula Potter - Over the last three years we have carried out work for major companies operating in the aerospace industry and a large number of smaller companies.

Bullet point Work has included:

Chemical Analysis of thin surface films

Surface contamination of zeolites

Internal structure of lactose particles

Structure and composition of coated cutting blades

Characterisation of nanospheres

Metal / epoxy interfaces and effects of surface pretreatment

Surface analysis of crystalline defects on infasil sticks

Carbon Analysis of steels

Microstructure of moderator grade graphites

Chemical analysis of lake sediment

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