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Electron Microscopy and an Introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy

Wednesdays November 10th (3W3.7) & 17th (6E2.1) 2010
2.15 to 5.00pm
(Charge for the course - 5 per person per session)


This informal course is open to postgraduates, final year undergraduates and staff who intend to use, or just wish to know more about, the facilities available for research work in the Centre for Electron Optical Studies.The course consists of two afternoon sessions and will discuss the different types of electron microscope situated in the Centre and their relevance to the life sciences. Also covered is the rationale behind the complex methods used to prepare biological material for SEM and TEM, and the application of the wide range of specialised techniques used in conjunction with the electron microscope - for example:

In situ Hybridization
Low Temperature SEM
Enzyme and Lectin Cytochemistry
X-Ray Analysis

An insight will be gained into the complexity of the above techniques, the time requirements and the assistance available for an investigation using electron microscopy.

The Scanning Probe Microscope in its most frequently used mode - Atomic Force Imaging - will be introduced. Examples of research carried out using this type of instrument will be shown.

- Session 1- Wednesday 10th November 2010 in 3W 3.7
Introduction to the Centre
SEM & Specialised Techniques
Introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy

- Session 2 - Wednesday 17th November 2010 6E2.1
Transmission Electron Microscopy

Specialised TEM Techniques

Course lecturer: Ursula Potter To register for the course - please submit the completed form below or e-mail Ursula ( providing the same information.

Electron Microscopy & Introduction to Atomic Force Microscopy

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