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Introduction to CEOS Facilities

November 2010 (see dates below)
2.15pm - 5.15pm in 3 West 2.16B

Charge for the course - Mon is free of charge. Tues-Fri is 10 per person per session
Course instructors: John Mitchels & Ursula Potter

A hands-on course, essential for new CEOS users, that takes place over a week and offers practical sessions on each type of instrument. The Monday session (free of charge) is compulsory for all new users. The sessions on Tuesday - Friday may be chosen as required. The course is held on the first full week of every month and consists of the following format:

Monday - CEOS Induction (tour of the facilities, safety in MAS, techniques, sample prep, data handling).
Tuesday - SEM (sample types, anatomy of an SEM, electron detection - SEI, BEI & EDX, SEM operation, elemental analysis & quantative analysis, SEM data handling.
Wednesday - TEM (sample types, anatomy of a TEM, electron detection TEI, BEI, SEI, & EDX, TEM operation, elemental analysis, quantitative measurements, diffraction)
Thursday - SPM (sample types, modes AFM & STM, operation in AFM & STM, force measurements, working in fluids, data processing).
Friday - Data processing (statistical analysis, quantitative measurements, 2D images - colourising, cropping, scaling, & filtering, EDX data processing, auto particle sizing, working with SPM images.

To register for the course - please submit the completed form below or e-mail Ursula ( providing the same information

Introduction to CEOS Facilities

Your name:

Your ext. number

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Your dept:

I am one of the following:
Staff: Postgrad: Undergrad:

I am able to attend the course on the following dates:
Mon 1st Nov - Induction (compulsory)
Tues 2nd Nov - SEM
Wed 3rd Nov - TEM
Thurs 4th Nov - SPM
Fri 5th Nov - Data Processing

We will need to contact you if the date you have selected is fully subscribed so please ensure your telephone & e-mail contact details are correct.

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