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Electron Microscopy for Masters in Biology

November - December

Course lecturers: Ursula Potter

The course is designed for students from the department of Biology and Biochemistry undertaking a Masters in Biology. The course consists of four two-hour lectures and will discuss the different types of electron microscope available in the Centre and their relevance to the life sciences. Also covered is the rationale behind methods used to prepare biological material for SEM and TEM, and an insight will be gained into the complexity of these techniques. A wide range of specialised techniques used in conjunction with electron microscope exist and will be discussed, for example:

In situ Hybridization
Low Temperature SEM
Enzyme and Lectin Cytochemistry
X-Ray Analysis
- Lecture 1
Optical versus electron microscopy

Biological scanning electron microscopy
- Lecture 2
Biological transmission electron microscopy
- Lecture 3
Specialized TEM techniques
- Lecture 4
Electron microscope demonstrations

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