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Bioimaging Suite

About the Centre

The prime function of the Centre is to provide electron microscope facilities and expertise to support University research. The Centre possesses a range of instruments - one transmission electron microscope, two scanning electron  microscopes, and associated specimen preparation facilities. Also situated in the Centre is a scanning probe microscope which performs atomic force and scanning tunnelling microscopy. The Centre is involved in the development of electron microscopy techniques and their application to the life sciences (biology, biochemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology and medicine) the physical sciences  (chemistry, physics and materials science) and engineering (mechanical and chemical). Other activities include training,    teaching and workshops in electron microscopy. The equipment and expertise in the Centre are available to industry for problem-solving and enquiries regarding consultancy work are always welcome. CEOS is situated in - 3 West Level 2 Rooms 2.11-2.16.

To Book Instruments:

  • Facilities in the Centre are available for use by university staff and students only after completion of an introductory training session on each instrument. Please contact Centre staff to arange this session.
  • Following an introductory session users will be registered in the CEOS Web Booking System and may then reserve instruments online through the 'Bookings' link on the right (internal use only).
  • Students should discuss the use of CEOS facilities with their supervisor before contacting CEOS staff to arrange an introductory training session.
  • Problems with the use of the booking system should be referred to Ursula Potter (

- CEOS Safety Booklet - pdf version:

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