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Scanning Electron Microscope


Photo of JEOL JSM6480LV

Imaging of specimen surfaces under high &
low vacuum modes.

The JEOL JSM6480LV is a modern scanning electron microscope allowing easy intuitive operation through the computer. The specimen chamber is able to accommodate large samples (up to 20cm) and a motorised stage allows quick and easy specimen positioning.

A 'Low Vacuum' mode enables samples normally unstable in a high vacuum, or that have a tendency to 'charge', to be examined. For example - pharmaceutical particles, fibres or electronic components may be viewed without coating. A high sensitivity backscattered electron detector is fitted for compositional imaging. Digital images can be saved to data stick or CD. This instrument is suitable for use by researchers from a variety of disciplines.

- Low vacuum mode.

- High sensitivity backscattered detector.

- Large specimen chamber.

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