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Director of research
Professor Ania Zalewska Professor Ania Zalewska
Director, Professor of Finance
Professor Zalewska is a cross-disciplinary researcher with experience of studying and working at several leading European research institutions.
She started her academic career as a mathematician working at her home town university, the Maria Curie Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland, which she left to gain a PhD in Maths from the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. She then moved to England to study at the London Business School where she obtained a PhD in financial economics, with funding from the European Commission. She joined the School of Management in 2005 as a Professor of Finance and in 2009 founded the CGR which she has run as Director ever since.
Her initial research was on emerging capital markets and developing econometric tools to test for their efficiency. Over time she expanded her research interests to a broad range of topics, mostly in the area of financial economics. In particular, Ania works and publishes on: the sensitivity of market risk to regulation; privatisation and stock market valuation of regulated companies; the impact of pension reforms on the development of financial markets; regulation and governance of the pension industry, corporate governance issues and managerial incentives. She has published extensively in leading academic journals (e.g. Journal of Financial Economics, Economic Journal, Journal of Empirical Finance, European Journal of Finance, European Economic Review), has authored numerous book chapters, presented at many universities and international conferences and has been a member of the scientific committee for numerous international conferences. She is also Director-at–Large of the Multinational Finance Society, a Member of the Board of Directors of the European Financial Association, and was a research scholar at the Haas School of Business (Berkeley).
She has also advised government bodies such as the Competition Commission, HM Revenue and Customs, the Financial Services Authority, and leading international companies on financial issues. She has acted as an academic advisor to National Economic Research Associates (NERA) and Indepen Consulting Ltd (London). She has also presented her research at leading policy organisations including IMF.
Dr Rob Branston Dr Rob Branston
Deputy Director, Lecturer in Business Economics

Dr Branston has been Deputy-Director of the CGR since its creation in 2009. His research interests centre on strategic decision-making, the governance of organisations, and the provision of public utility industries and other strategic sectors such as tobacco. His research seeks to answer how firms and/or markets should be structured so that they deliver outcomes that are seen to be in the broad public interest, and whether government policies can adjust the outcome of the markets in order to facilitate the attainment of the public interest. Rob has provided expert advice to the Irish Heart Foundation, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), and the UK Department of Health. His work has also been of interest to Jessica Morden MP and Dr Tristian Hunt MP.

Dr Hsin-I Daisy Chou Dr Hsin-I Daisy Chou
Lecturer in Finance

Dr Chou joined the CGR in 2015 when she joined the School of Management as a Lecturer in Finance. Previously, she was a Lecturer in the Department of Economics and Finance, La Trobe University, Australia. Her researches on corporate governance mechanisms in Asian and European markets, and earnings management and M&As in the U.S. She has published in Journal of Empirical Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money and International Review of Financial Analysis.

Dr Philip Cooper Dr Philip Cooper
Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Dr Cooper’s research is concerned with the uses of accounting and valuation in improving the management of organisations and social resources.  He led a five-year research programme at the School, funded by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, investigating developments in the roles of the accountant and the finance function particularly with respect to supporting the operations, strategy and governance of organisations.  For example, one part of the programme was concerned with the public sector and how accountants can contribute to the value-for-money objective by simultaneously supporting operational performance and good governance.

The regulation and governance of social-ecological interactions has figured prominently in Dr Cooper’s role leading socio-economic work packages in EU Framework Programme VI and VII projects collaborating with natural scientists from across Europe in research on marine ecosystems.  As a convenor of the environment theme in the university’s Institute of Policy Research, he is organising a major conference in 2015 on the use of regulatory instruments, especially international environmental agreements, in achieving environmental sustainability.

Dr Simone Giansante Dr Simone Giansante
Lecturer in Finance
Dr Giansante joined the CGR in 2010 when he joined the School of Management as a Lecturer in Finance. His research focus is in widely defined regulation of the financial sector and its implications for systemic risk. Before coming to Bath, Simone held positions at the Bank of England (carrying research on Large Value Payment Systems), and the University of Essex (working on an EU Project on Credit Risk Transfer and building a financial contagion simulator for the Credit Default Swap market for US banks). Together with Professors Sheri Markose and Azeem Malik, Simone has been developing a real time rebuild of the London Stock Exchange Electronic Order Book market which is used in the lab training for students and back testing of intraday strategies. Currently, he serves as a Research Advisor to the Reserve Bank of India (Financial Stability Division). He is also a co-founder of the project - Agent-Based Computational Economics and Financial Modelling.
Professor Anna Gilmore Professor Anna Gilmore
Professor of Public Health, Department of Health
Professor Anna Gilmore is Professor of Public Health, and Founding Director of the Tobacco Control Research Group (TCRG) at the University of Bath. Her work focuses mainly on corporate influences on health and policy, and policy evaluation. The policy impacts of her research have been recognised through two international awards – the Public Health Advocacy Institute Award for outstanding use of tobacco industry documents and the WHO World No Tobacco Day Award for outstanding contribution to tobacco control. She is European Editor (previously Senior Editor) of the Tobacco Control, the leading journal in her field, previously held a prestigious Health Foundation Clinician Scientist Fellowship, is/has been a member of various international and national expert groups including the WHO Expert Committee to Examine Tobacco Industry Interference with Tobacco Control and the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group. Her research group established external website, a widely acclaimed and innovative knowledge exchange platform that aims to make research on tobacco industry conduct available in a timely manner to as broad an audience as possible. You can follow the TCRG on @BathTR.
Dr Margaret Greenwood Dr Margaret Greenwood
Lecturer in Accounting
Dr Greenwood's research centres on the governance and financial reporting of public sector institutions. In particular, she focused on healthcare institutions and local authorities but with a growing interest also in higher education institutions (e.g., universities). She is interested in audit pricing and quality, CEO pay and performance, and the management of reported financial performance to meet financial objectives. Her paper on "The Governance of CEO incentives in English NHS hospital trusts", co-authored by Joan Ballantine and John Forker won the John Perrin Prize for Best Paper in 'Financial Accountability and Management' (2007). Currently, she works on with a number of organisations (e.g., The Audit Commission; the Local Government Association; the Chartered Institute for Public Finance and Accountancy) on assessing the impact of the recent reform of public sector audit in England on audit quality and audit pricing. She also works with the Wales Audit Office on assessing the policy implications of a recent study on the relationship between audit fees and pre-audit financial reporting quality in Welsh local authorities.
Dr Andreas Krause Dr Andreas Krause
Lecturer in Economics, Department of Economics

Andreas Krause joined the Department of Economics in 2013 from the School of Management. He has graduated from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) with a PhD in Economics.

Broadly speaking, Andreas is interested in development and applications of network theory. He researches on systemic risk of banking systems and, in particular, on network structures of interbank exposures and how failures of banks spread through such networks. He received a British Academy grant to support this research. Andreas also studies network interactions between heterogeneous agents and how such interactions shape aggregate outcomes (e.g., stock prices or analyst recommendations). For instance, he studied credit card markets and their optimal market design using a network approach. Overall he seeks to base his research on a sound theoretical basis, supplemented by empirical evidence as appropriate.

Andreas has recently consulted on the development of risk-profiling systems, supported by the EPSRC through a grant for EngD student.

Dr Phil Tomlison Dr Phil Tomlinson
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)
Dr Tomlinson's research comes under the broad themes of globalisation, economic governance and business networks and industrial and regional development. His research focuses upon exploring the development of small firms, open innovation networks and social capital and governance, with a specific emphasis upon the implications for regional development and industrial policy. He is particularly interested in exploring the nature of governance and collaborative relationships between firms and institutions and their impact upon small firm performance such as innovation. Phil has also researched on the role of transnational corporations, examining the wider impact of their activities for regional development and for key inter-connected stakeholders such as governments, supplier firms and trade unions. His research has been received by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, NESTA, The TUC, Industry Trade Associations and business.
Associated staff/Research contributors

Mr. Martin Callow, Director, Marine Conservation Policy, Wildlife Conservation Society external website
Dr Emma Carmel external website, University of Bath, UK
Dr Louisa Chen, Bank of England
Dr Elina Cruz, Centro de Libre Competencia, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile
Dr Gang (Henry) Zhao, Uni- Corporation Ltd., China.
Professor Alexandre Di Miceli da Silveira external website, University of Sao Paulo (FEA-USP), Brazil
Dr Elena Ferrer external website, Public University of Navarra, Spain
Professor John Forker external website, University of Sussex, UK
Professor Paul Grout external website, University of Bristol, UK
Professor Chris James external website, University of Bath, UK
Professor Jayant Kale external website, Northeastern University, USA
Professor Alex Kostyuk, Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance, and the Ukrainian Academy of Banking, Ukraine
Dan Mikulskis external website, Co-Head of Asset & Liability Modelling, Redington Ltd, UK
Mr Miqiu (Leo) Liu external website, Vice President, ALM & Investment Strategy, Redington Ltd., UK
Dr. Ajit Mishra external website, University of Bath, UK
Dr Eleanor Morgan external website, University of Bath, UK
Dr Yaroslav Mozghovyi, Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance, and the Ukrainian Academy of Banking, Ukraine
Professor Darius Palia external website, Rutgers Business School, USA
Dr Fotios Pasiouras external website, Technical University of Crete, Greece; University of Surrey, UK
Dr Julie Salaber external website, Richmond, the American International University in London, UK
Dr Thanos Verousis external website, Newcastle University Business School, UK
Dr James R. Wilson external website, Basque Institute of Competitiveness, Spain