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The research agenda of the CGR, and the research initiated and conducted by members, and associate members has multidisciplinary characteristics. It focuses on the design and implementation of governance structures and forms of control and regulation that ensure that organisations and markets are run effectively, efficiently, and lawfully.

The CGR approaches governance as a dynamic, broadly-defined phenomenon and does not have a narrow focus on any single form of governance, e.g., corporate or social. A central tenet is that understanding and designing the balance between governance and regulation is key to the effective functioning of organisations and markets. The Centre's current research can be loosely grouped into the following themes.

Forms and impact of regulation

Within this theme the main focus is on studying and understanding the characteristics of existing forms of regulation, and their impact. The evolving nature of these forms is of particular interest. For instance, such diverse issues as the blurring boundaries among private and public sectors models, how changes in old-age provision schemes and responsibilities affects regulatory requirements, the recent development of new competition policies within countries and across borders, are studied within this stream.

Examples of research conducted under this theme are:

Governance structures and practices

This theme of research focuses on international (global, EU), national and sub-national forms of governance and the broad range of relationships between them. The evolving nature of these relationships and their implications across a range sectors (e.g., public versus private, utilities, financial sector) are of particular interest.

Examples include:

Forms of incentives and accountability

Research on the effectiveness of the implementation of various forms of governance and the design of appropriate incentives is conducted within this theme. Issues such as the assessment and design of performance metrics, effective reporting, and monitoring within various types of organisations (global, national, company) and by external regulators is being studied.

Examples include: