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Widcombe, St Matthew and St Thomas a Beckett

Anglican (Church of England)

Our Vision and Values
We are a parish that seeks to bring people to faith and welcomes those who already have faith or who are on a journey to faith. The only qualification for being part of this community is that you wish to join us. We believe that God offers love unconditionally, and it is not our place to set conditions on belonging. This is not a policy that we have set down, but it is the way we act. In this spirit we do not judge people’s uncertainty and hesitancy, and we recognise that life throws up doubt and questions that may have no easy answer.

We are proudly liberal and inclusive in our approach to people, their needs and their role within the church. We offer a home, for a long or short while, to those who feel uncomfortable or rejected elsewhere. We are traditional in our Sunday worship, in the sense that we recognise the centrality of Communion and services that have a place for the still small voice. We are nonetheless, open to new liturgies, and we wish to find better ways to offer the thoughtful worship that is distinctive in our area. We have an increasingly empowered congregation, unafraid to be visible. We have discovered, and seek to nurture, a range of vocations in worship and leadership, inspired by the vocations of priest, reader and missionary that have emerged from our membership in the last ten years.

We see our mission as lying with our membership, the parish population and the wider world, especially our mission partners in Russia and Madagascar. We seek to provide opportunities for worship and for discovering and deepening faith, through worship, study and fellowship. We want to be somewhere where people can worship, explore (life, faith, etc) and find support in life’s trials.

Has an evening serviceNear the city centreNear a Sunday bus routeHas an organ

Service details

At St Thomas à Becket
1st Sunday of the month
8.00 am BCP Holy Communion
10.30 am CW Sung Eucharist

2nd Sunday
8.00 am CW Holy Communion
10.30 am CW Morning Prayer

3rd Sunday
8.00 am BCP Holy Communion
10.30 am CW Holy Communion (with Baptisms)

4th Sunday
8.00 am CW Holy Communion
10.30 am BCP Morning Prayer

5th Sunday
8.00 am BCP Holy Communion
10.30 am CW Holy Communion

Morning and Evening Prayer at St Thomas:
Tuesdays - 7pm
Thursdays - 9.30am

At St Matthew's
Sunday Evening Emerging Generation 7 to 9pm
A weekly service for young adults, run by a team from Holy Trinity Combe Down. This is a lively session, with regular attendance of over 100. Open to all parishes providing the opportunity to meet new people, socialise over supper and worship with live music. For more information, please go to

Morning and Evening Prayer:
Tuesdays - 7.30am at St Matthews
Thursdays - 4 pm at St Matthews

Dee will be available for parishioners to visit or telephone on Tuesday mornings from 10-12noon and Thursday afternoons from 2-4pm

Minister(s) or Priest(s)

Rev Dee Sircar

Bus routes

walkable from the bus station or Bathwick/Pulteney Road bus stop (418/18)

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