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Karen Turner

Methodist Chaplain

Karen Turner is the most recent member of our chaplaincy team, with a background in languages, teaching and youth work. Originally from California, Karen has lived in Slovakia, and different parts of the UK and is seeking ways to live out her Christian faith in a whole-hearted, whole-life way in this new context in Bath. 
She writes: "One of the most life-changing periods of my life was when I left California to join an intentional Christian community in Suffolk in my early 20s. I’d just finished an English and Spanish degree and I’d thought of it as a short-term adventure, rather than a trajectory-changing experience. 
Although I’d grown up as part of a Christian family and church, my imagination had not yet caught fire with all the myriad ways that a person could live out Christian faith. The experience of living in community with Orthodox, Catholic, Quaker and Anglican Christians from different parts of the world completely expanded my outlook and imagination as well as my own identity as a believer. 
That journey led me to study Theology and work as an English teacher and a youth worker, but what has remained has been a deep appreciation of seeing God at work in others and a love of the diversity of God’s family. The pilgrimage of a life walking with God hasn’t always been easy but the new vistas and company on the way have been amazing. 
I’ve been married to Philip for 17 years and we try, in our own way to live out a community of prayer and hospitality with our two boys, looking forward to wherever the road takes us next." 
She likes reading and talking about books and films and is happy to meet up for a coffee or tea to chat about life, faith or anything at all. You’ll find her in the Chaplaincy Centre on Tuesday lunchtimes and afternoons. Look for BathStudentChaplain on Twitter or find her on Facebook. 
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