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Thought for the day - Radio Bristol. Easter – dedicated single-mindedness 3-4-17

3 April 2017, 9.47 am

I watched the annual boat race. This notoriously tough competition happens each year. Crews train relentlessly for 17 minutes of supreme effort. The faces of the losing boat always touch me – a story of total exhaustion and yet beaten too.
At the University of Bath there is a large sports village. Athletes are training all the time. This rubs off I think on the campus. It is good to promote physical fitness – showing a pleasure that is inspiring to others, teaching about team work – so needed in today’s individualistic society, and also role modelling dedication. These athletes are often out alone, and when their fellow students are together or seeing their friends, the athlete is, again, going through the monotony of training. They learn to keep going - showing a single-mindedness.

At this time in the church’s year we see another example of single-mindedness. Passiontide has just begun - the two weeks when Jesus heads to Jerusalem, to confront the authority of the time, to face arrest and crucifixion, and then, Christians believe, to come back to life – overcoming the grave.

The story is well known - and as we read each day we see that Jesus stays absolutely focused. He knew his mission - what God his father expected of him. Luke, one of the Gospel writers, records that “as the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem”. He too was alone. His friends would not understand the significance of his life actions until much later.
So here is another example of dedication - with compassion. He weeps over the city as he looks down from the mount of olives.
And the end of this story – now 2000 years old, is one of victory and not defeat. And each year we are invited to consider it more deeply….

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