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Easter Monday "thought for the day" radio Bristol

24 April 2017, 9.27 am

I hope that your Easter weekend is good.

We have our grandson staying. He was born on Christmas day, 16 months ago. Known as “pudding” for the first 10 days of his life, he is now definitely a “James”. He is walking, touching, and looking at everything with a wide-eyed wonder – “What is going on here?” – oh and pressing any button or switch he can find! So, lights go on and off – luckily our dishwasher has a child proof lock! So it’s been a fun weekend.

This reminds me of what must have been another wide-eyed look – what has happened? The Easter story is complex to grasp – unless as a church you look at the empty tomb - the sealing stone rolled away – with wide eyed wonder.

At our church, we had an all age service. My warden briefed me to be “child friendly”, and make it a short talk. So, I used chocolates! I suggested that trying to understand such a story was like unwrapping a chocolate. It looked good, but only as you unwrapped it did the full meaning reveal itself. I asked a set of questions and every right answer was rewarded by a chocolate. Luckily, I had bought 100. (There were only 7 questions). Good fun was had by all – children and adults alike – I even threw two up into the church balcony – the 2nd caught, one-handed, by the sound engineer.

Behind all this fun was joy at looking at the Easter story in a new way. As a doctor, I have seen many people ask for the hope that Jesus offers. Asking was all that was needed – many of the askers did not go to church at the time.

One more thought. When the world seems to be newly complex and uncertain, and prayers are needed, the simple wonder of faith helps. Many have found it so.

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