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Monday 24th April "thought for the day - Radio Bristol"

24 April 2017, 9.29 am

We had a car crash some years ago. We were on our way to Scotland for a family holiday. Mechanical failure caused us to leave the motorway at speed. We were stopped by saplings and, the land-rover on its side, we all clambered out. We found ourselves in A&E in Stirling. I was then working as an A&E consultant in the BRI, but here I was suddenly, unexpectedly, on the receiving end. I was the least injured. As I went between my wife and two daughters, on separate trolleys, I saw Emergency trauma care at its best. I knew the language.

But I will always remember the extra, unexpected acts of kindness. The nurse, thinking to bring us some sandwiches, when we didn’t know where to go; the police, by then off duty, but still taking me to the car pound to collect some belongings; the car breaker, joking with me as he found a bottle of whiskey and my book on off-road driving!

This “kind keynsham campaign” is so good. And it’s also building community. When a stranger does something unexpected, and to another’s benefit, it is a joy. And begins to say something different.

It reminds me of another example of community living. After that first Easter day – Jesus, having overcome death and live again, so setting up a new hope, had told the disciples when he saw them to wait before going out and telling others. He would send them power from heaven. He did - one reason why we still talk about him now. But at the time of waiting, the disciples lived together, sharing everything, and supporting each other with acts of kindness.

Both then and now it’s building something new. And ultimately it is the way I think that God intended us to live. Acts of Kindness put other first – that’s service to each other

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