Chaplain's reflections Chaplain's reflections

Statement from the University of Bath Interfaith Forum

23 May 2017, 7.55 pm

The prayers and thoughts of the University of Bath Interfaith Forum are with all of those impacted by the tragic events of last night in Manchester.

This was a deeply distressing and shocking incident that saw the loss of innocent life, and many injuries. It also brought out immense displays of strength and unity throughout the nation, from the emergency staff on the ground to local business owners, to the wider community showing solidarity. Such responses remind us of the strength and importance of community in our lives, and how we will not allow those who wish to cause destruction and disharmony to win out.

Such tragedies are difficult times for everyone, and UBIF offers its wholehearted support to anyone on campus who may be affected, directly or indirectly, by the event.

A candle has been lit and a book opened at the VOW station ( in the chaplaincy centre (to the East of the library down some steps). All staff and students are welcome to come. For anyone needing to talk a chaplain is available.

Mohammad Lone – President of the Islamic Society
Nigel Rawlinson – University Chaplain, Ecumenical Chaplaincy Centre
Rabbi Mendy Singer – Bath Jewish Society
University of Bath Interfaith Forum

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