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Thought for the day 10-08-17 Radio Bristol. Thoughts – North Korea

14 August 2017, 3.26 pm

I was thinking last night about my top thoughts – what to say now.
I am sorry, but international affairs dominate – I am unsettled by President Trump and Kim Jong-Un.

I am chaplain at the University of Bath. This year I have set up a new summer programme of support for our international students. Many arrive early to brush up on their English, before studying subjects such as automobile design or architecture.

I have met a group from China and Vietnam. They are very bright. They have won places here. They are very keen to learn. Enthusiasm is infectious.
They are also a long way from home. We have a world map in our chaplaincy. I often say to new students from overseas that they must show me where their home is. There is laughter, and sometimes tears. They remember their loved ones. Some are homesick. Their bravado sometimes drops its guard. I realise how far from home they are.

International affairs, that we see from afar, and maybe worry about – they feel. North Korea is much closer to them.

So the recent escalation in language is worrying them as well as me. And I can see it.

There is no doubt that the world has a developing problem with North Korea. I am often so thankful for the security services behind the scenes who keep us safe. BUT

The ease with which President Trump talks about hitting north Korea “with Fire and Fury” alarms me. Please God, no. For humankind now the very thought of full scale war – actually using the armaments we have got – should be inconceivable. “Blessed are the peace makers”, the God I believe in says. Now, more than ever, we need that attitude.

So let us all hope (and pray if that is your habit) – for peace.

NR 9-08-17

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