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Thought for the Day – Radio Bristol 26-01-17

1 February 2017, 5.33 pm

What an inspiring video for this young carer’s awareness day. I watched the faces of those young people, all helping look after others – usually a family member – and saw excitement, ambition, caring – that fact that they worry for others - and joy. They all recognised the value of this responsibility, which seemed to have given them resilience and insight.

This is such an important time of their lives. They are being formed by life experience into tomorrow’s adults and leaders – who will in their turn shape their – and our – community. After a working life in medicine, I have just started as chaplain in the University of Bath. It is such a privilege to walk alongside young students as they steer their way through today’s world pressures; and every now and then (ideally when asked!) to give a nudge to their tiller. At a time when there is confusion and disillusion for many, the sense of identity and purpose I heard from those carers was great.

When so much of society seems to be “I”, “I”, “I”, their perspective is refreshing. It is also potentially world changing. After some recent polls and referenda, so many young said of the older adult voters “what have they done to our future?” We would do well to listen to the young voices raised in appeal.

The words “community”, “family” or “together” occur far more times in the bible than the word “alone”. The psalmist writes “how good it is when God’s people live together in unity”* Unity requires “give and take”, vulnerability and care. We are social beings and we are at our best when we live and care for each other.

So “bravo” to the young carer’s; and thank you. We wish you well.

Nigel Rawlinson 25-01-17

* Psalm 133: 1

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