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Dr Serpil Awdry



Dr Serpil Awdry completed her Chemical Engineering degree in METU (Middle East Technical University), Ankara, Turkey, then obtained Masters degree in Ege University in Izmir, developing a Continues Flow Extraction System for Producing Agar-agar from Local Red-seaweed, before joining The University of Bath for her PhD.

During her PhD she investigated ‘Mass Transfer and Catalytic Polymerisation Reaction of Organosilicon Compounds and was granted a patent for her part of PhD work on ‘a Process of Loading a Ceramic Monolithic Catalyst Support with a heterogeneous water soluble catalyst’.


Serpil work mostly involves the formulation of mathematical models of chemical reactors, combined with associated experimental work from laboratory to pilot plant scale.

Since her PhD, she has been collaborating with Prof Stan Kolaczkowski on various resarch projects including:

  • Catalytic Combustion Systems for Pollutant Suppression in Industrial Gas Turbines, Steam Reformers and Radiant Heaters : Brite EuRam Project with 12 European industrial and research partners on developing mathematical models of catalytic combustion systems.
  • Catalytic Partial Oxidation for Fuel Cell Applications and for Compact Steam Reformers collaborating with Swiss and European industrial partners, developing mathematical models catalytic partial oxidation systems.
  • Mathematical Modelling of Staged Combustion Chamber. During this project she was granted a patent, collaborating with Rolls Royce and Prof Kolaczkowski, on developing a Combustion Chamber and a Method of Operation of Catalytic Combustion System.

Her recent research interests include the following areas:

  • Carbon dioxide scrubbing in an absorption column, using a sea water and Dixon rings support system for the development of compact multi-chamber column designs applicable to submersible habitats.
  • The development of effective, efficient deNOx processes: The preparation and characterization of deNOx catalysts and the performance of the catalysts in a continuous flow fixed bed reactor.
  • Modelling studies examining the performance of catalytic devices to control emissions of CO, hydrocarbons and NOx, from a variety of stationary (e.g. gas engines) and mobile sources (vehicles).
  • Gasification of biomass to produce electricity from syngas.


As well as working as a Research Officer she has also been a part time lecturer since 2001 which involves teaching the following units:

  • Instrumentation and Control (module manager)
  • Advanced Chemical Engineering Modelling (application with Matlab)
  • Process Design and Safety (application with Solid Edge)
  • First Year Design Projects
  • Chemical Engineering Skills and Practice
  • Beng/MEng final year Design Project.


Book Sections

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Conference or Workshop Items

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