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Hon Prof Stan Kolaczkowski
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Bath
Bath  BA2 7AY, UK

Professor Stan Kolaczkowski

BSc, PhD, CEng, FIChemE, EurIng, FHEA


After completing his PhD in 1977, Professor Stan Kolaczkowski worked for seven years for Esso Petroleum Co Ltd, in a range of technical and managerial positions on environmentally related themes.

In 1984 he joined the University of Bath as a lecturer, where he developed research interests in the field of Chemical Reaction Engineering, and in particular, in applications that relate to the solution of environmental problems.

In 1997, Stan was awarded a Personal Chair and became a full Professor in Chemical Engineering. From 1997 to 2003, he was Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering, and led the Department through a challenging period that culminated in the construction of a new building.

Since 1984, over a period of 30 years, Stan has published more than 100 papers and been involved in more than 80 grants. He has supervised about 27 PhD students, who have all completed and submitted their PhDs successfully.

In 2016 he retired early from his paid position in the Department of Chemical Engineering, so as to have more time to devote to other activities of interest to him. These include spending more time at his house on the coast near Bordeaux (and improving his French), visits to Poland, and continuing to work on some Chemical Engineering projects for sponsors in the US, Germany and Poland who can benefit from his expertise.

In Dec 2013, he gave his last lecture to the 3rd year class of Chemical Engineers – he wishes them, and all of the students that he has taught over the last 30 years, the very best for their future.

Photograph taken at Stan\'s last lecture in December 2013


He now holds the position of Honorary Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering, which enables him to provide assistance to colleagues in the Department and to be involved in research projects that are of interest to him when he has the time to help. This he is pleased to do, as the University has a special place in his heart and he enjoyed his working life here.

Through Bath Process Consultants Ltd, he now takes the opportunity to collaborate with his brother Dr Jan Kolaczkowski, who is also a Bath Chemical Engineering graduate and worked for ExxonMobil until he decided to take early retirement. They only select projects which they find interesting, and have the time to support. These are usually in the field of process scale-up (lab to pilot-plant) or related to plant safety as encountered in the oil and petrochemical sectors of the industry.

Historical thriller: In a completely different direction, he also enjoys supporting his wife with her book writing project. In collaboration with Prof Bob Hayes (a Chemical Engineer), she has written a historical thriller, set in 1831, with scenes in London, Bath, Bristol and the High China Seas. It is entitled Riot and Retribution, by Alex E Robertson (pen name). Check-out their web site:

Teaching (subjects that he has taught)

  • Engineering Thermodynamics Management (basic and advanced)
  • Transport Phenomena
  • Process Design and Safety
  • Final Year Design Projects
  • Material & Energy Balances
  • Environmental Legislation
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering


Stan's main interest was in Chemical Reaction Engineering, in particular applications that have environmental benefits. This work involves the formation of mathematical models of chemical reactors, combined with associated experimental work - from laboratory bench-top to pilot-plant scale. He took a special interest in the use of monoliths and metal foams as catalyst supports. He remains active in that field.

He co-authored: Introduction to Catalytic Combustion, by: Hayes and Kolaczkowski (1997) – the first text book on this topic, which was used in many catalyst companies as the starting point for the establishment of their modelling capabilities.

He advanced know-how on the gasification of biomass to produce a syngas and then electricity. This involved: system integration, catalytic enhancement of producer gas quality, conversion of char to ash & producer gas, and catalytic clean-up of emissions from the gas engine. He remains active in that field.

He demonstrated ideas on how to turn batch processes in the pharmaceutical sector into continuous processes using compact multi-functional mm-scale channels in catalytic reactors. The catalysts were supported on structures that were retained in the reactor – this avoided the problem of catalyst separation from the product.

His interests also extended to studies of gas/liquid exchange in columns, and the design of compact gas scrubbing multi-chamber units. He studied CO2 scrubbing in an absorption column, using sea water and Dixon rings, He then developed a compact multi-chamber column designs for submersible habitats (old topic, but new approach).  He remains active in that field.

He also took an interest in the use of sorption methods for trapping CO2 from gaseous streams. He remains active in that field.

PhD supervision

In reply to requests which he still receives, sorry, but he is no longer available to supervise any new PhD students.


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