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Dr Pawel Plucinski

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Wessex House 7.27

Tel: +44 (0) 1225 386961


Dr Pawel Plucinski

MSc (Sc), PhD (Eng), DrSc


Dr Pawel Plucinski studied for an MSc (Eng) in Chemical Engineering at Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland, and a PhD at the same university. He moved to the Technical University of Munich in 1986. He has worked at Bath since 1998.


Pawel's main area of the research is the kinetics of reactions in heterogeneous (liquid/liquid, gas/liquid and gas/liquid/solid) systems. This includes catalysis and separation, application of compartmentalised structures (micelles, microemulsions, and soft interfaces) for reactions and separations, and catalytic processes using compact multichannel reactors.

His research involves kinetic investigations of mass transfer and chemical reactions to understand the mechanisms and limitations of such complex processes, and then transfer of gained knowledge into the design of equipment and modelling and optimisation of investigated processes.


  • Chemical Engineering Skills and Practice 1 
  • Process dynamics, modelling and control
  • Advanced chemical engineering
  • Microprocess engineering


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