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Room: WH 7.24
Tel: 01225 383369

PhD supervision

Nuno is available to supervise research degrees in:

  • Rapid ultra-low cost diagnostics
  • Transformative microfluidic systems
  • Oscillatory flow mixing
  • Intensification gas-liquid systems
  • Zero-waste ozonation systems
  • Continuous meso-scale crystallisers


Dr Nuno Reis



Dr Reis has joined the department of Chemical Engineering as a Reader in 2016. His research interests cover the areas of ultra-low cost optical microfluidic technologies, process intensification, oscillatory flow mixing and generic bioprocess engineering. Previous to Bath he was a Lecturer at Loughborough University (2011-2016), and was a Research Associate/Fellow for 4.5 year at the University of Cambridge (2006-2011), which includes a prestigious Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship in the period 2008-2010. He has a track record of research outcomes being commercially exploited.

Related posts


  • PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering (2006) and ‘Licenciatura’ in Biological Engineering (2001), both awarded by University of Minho, Portugal


Dr Reis research is driven by his passion for developing transformative technologies that address a number of identified technological gaps in industry and healthcare diagnostics. This provides the focus to his multidisciplinary research that spans across research areas of healthcare diagnostics, photochemistry, advanced oxidation processes, anaerobic fermentations, and bioanalytics.
He has a track record of innovations and inventions in the area of point-of-care diagnostics and miniaturisation of biological assays, such as a ‘Lab in a briefcase’ for portable measurement of biomarkers feature on main cover of RSC’s Lab on a chip journal (Barbosa et al., Lab Chip, 2014,14, 2918 –2928); ‘Lab on a stick’ for rapid identification of bacteria and antibiotic susceptibility testing (Reis et al, Lab Chip, 2016,16, 2891 –2899); femtomolar detection of multiple protein biomarkers in optical microfluidic strips (Castanheira et al., Analyst, 2015,140, 5609–5618).

His pioneering work on interfacing affordable miniaturised test strips with smartphones (e.g. Barbosa et al., Biosensors and Bioelectronics 70, 2015, 5–146) has features on BBC Click programme dedicated to personalised medicine broadcasted worldwide in 2016 on BBC World and BBC Persia, and recognised by two highly commended awards in IChemE Global awards 2016.

The current research themes in his research group include:

  • Rapid diagnostics
  • Transformative microfluidic technologies
  • Oscillatory flow mixing
  • Continuous meso-scale crystallisers
  • Bioprocess Intensification


Book Sections

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Conference or Workshop Items

Talbot, S., Li Puma, G. and Reis, N., 2016. Photocatalysis for water remediation and energy production. In: 4th UK Solar Fuels Symposium, 2016, 2016-01-22 - 2016-01-22.

Talbot, S., Li Puma, G. and Reis, N. M., 2015. Illuminating brighter horizons:photocatalysis for water remediation and energy production. In: Loughborough University Research Conference, 2015, 2015-11-11 - 2015-11-11.

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