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Dr Ram Sharma

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Room: 9 West 2.09
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 384469

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Dr Ram Sharma

BSc, MSc, PhD


Dr Ram Sharma completed his doctoral work in Chemical Engineering at Rutgers University, US. He then took up a postdoctoral appointment at ETH Zurich where he was simultaneously the Cell Mechanics Group Leader. He joined the University of Bath as a Lecturer in September 2012.


Ram’s research focuses on cell and tissue engineering. The microenvironment that a cell resides in can maintain or even direct cellular phenotype. Dr Sharma is interested in understanding how the diseased microenvironment that a cell resides in can alter the phenotype of a cell.

The microenvironment of a diseased cell differs to a healthy cell biochemically, structurally, and mechanically. These factors can affect molecular and biophysical properties within the cell that results in an altered cell phenotype, leading to disease progression. Dr Sharma’s research assesses these differences, and examines how providing different cues could revert the pathological phenotype. This research could eventually be applied to developing design and culture strategies for scaffolds and other constructs used in cell and tissue engineering therapies.

Ram’s research is multidisciplinary in nature, fusing together chemical engineering, micro/nanotechnology, cell biology, imaging, and computational sciences.


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