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Room: 9 West 2.04d
Tel: 01225 383246

PhD supervision areas

  • Chemical oxidation in water treatment processes
  • Fate and removal of contaminants and pathogens in the urban water cycle
  • Role of aquatic humic substances
  • Energy-efficiency of water treatment and natural water treatment systems

Dr Jannis Wenk

Dipl.-Ing., PhD, FHEA, AMIChemE


Dr Jannis Wenk studied Environmental Engineering at the Technical University Berlin (Germany) including a one year stay at POSTECH (Korea). Jannis conducted his PhD-studies at Eawag and ETH Zurich (Switzerland) from where he graduated in 2012.

Subsequently, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley (California, USA).

Jannis joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in January 2015.


Jannis’ research has been in the areas of aquatic oxidation processes, transformation pathways of trace organic water contaminants, chemistry of humic substances and environmental photochemistry. More recently Jannis became also interested on the fate of pathogens during water treatment and nature-oriented low-energy water treatment systems.

At the University of Bath and the recently formed Water Innovation and Research Centre (WIRC) Jannis would like to utilise his knowledge in aquatic oxidation chemistry and build up his initial research programme on oxidation and advanced oxidation processes for water treatment. Key aspects will be the combination of oxidative processes with other treatment processes, integration of oxidative processes into existing water treatment schemes and process design for oxidative waste water treatment applications for both chemical contaminant and pathogen removal.

Jannis is also interested in understanding and improving the performance of natural water treatment systems such as constructed wetlands, reed beds and riverbanks.

He is excited about joining the Department of Chemical Engineering and is looking forward to numerous collaborations within the University, the Department and with industry partners, providing engineering solutions on water related problems.




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Non-academic press

Deering, N., Briggs, K., Bryant, L. and Wenk, J., 2017. We make fake poo in a laboratory – to improve sanitation in Bangladesh. The Conversation

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