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Dr Antoine Buchard


Antoine is a Whorrod Research Fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT), researching the use of renewable resources for sustainable production of degradable polymers, high-value chemicals and clean energy using organometallic catalysis.

Originally from France Antoine completed his PhD at Ecole Polytechnique in 2009 under the supervision of Professor Pascal Le Floch. He then moved to Imperial College London to undertake a postdoctoral research fellowship with Professor Charlotte Williams which involved the development of CO2/epoxide copolymers. Antoine returned to France in 2011 to gain industrial experience as a research engineer at Air Liquide.

In April 2013 Antoine began independent research at the CSCT. His work is based on a joint experimental/theoretical approach. Experiments focus on simple ligand design and abundant metal complexes synthesis, and computational chemistry is used as a tool to guide research targets, elucidate reaction mechanisms and help devise better catalysts.

His research interests are focused on two main themes:

  • Polymers

The synthesis of monomers from renewable resources such as glycerol and sugars are investigated to develop polymers that offer an alternative to those derived from petrochemicals. The structure and mechanical properties of the polymers are then analysed to assess their potential for application.

  • Small molecules

Activation of abundant small molecules such as N2, CO2 and O2 by coordination to metal complexes is investigated to catalytically transform them into valuable chemicals including amines, carbonates and nitrates. Collaboration with the Chemical Engineering Department aims to develop the small molecule activation into a flow process to enable intensification.


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