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Prof Chick Wilson


The Wilson Group in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Bath carries out structural chemistry research into a wide range of materials. The principal techniques used are those of diffraction (X-ray and neutron, single crystal and powder) and computational chemistry (usually in the solid-state, periodic environment), backed up by techniques such as DSC and various spectroscopies. Our principal interest has been for many years the study of hydrogen bonding, which we examine over a very diverse set of material types. In common with many structural chemistry groups, our interests include determining hydrogen bond architectures and using these to help design hydrogen-bonded complexes using many of the techniques of Crystal Engineering. However, we are also interested in the fundamental aspects of hydrogen bonding, and employ as a matter of routine variable condition diffraction, studying the evolution of structure as a function of some external variable (e.g. pressure,. temperature), to yield deeper understanding of the forces holding our molecules and complexes together.


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