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Prof Frank Marken



Frank Marken has in September 2004 been appointed to a Senior Lecturer position at the University of Bath and promoted to Reader in 2008 and to Professor in 2011. General research interests are centred around the development of novel electrochemical technologies including oxide nano-structure electro-catalysis, liquid-liquid triple phase junction processes, bio-electrochemical processes, ultrasound and microwave-enhanced electrochemistry, solid state electrochemical processing, paired and self-supported organic syntheses, and industrially relevant electrode reactions (more than 300 publications). In 2009 Frank Marken was awarded the Theophilus Redwood lectureship by the Analytical Division of the RSC.


Electrochemical reactions proceed at polarised interfaces (e.g. electrode | liquid or liquid | liquid interfaces) placed in a reaction environment, which can be a liquid, solid, or gaseous phase. The potential applied to the electrode and the material and design allow processes to be controlled or selected. I am interested in both fundamental and applied aspects of electrochemistry and in particular in (i) how energy (light, microwave, ultrasound, etc.) can be used to beneficially modify (or couple into) interfacial processes, (ii) triple-junction processes (electro-insertion, emulsion processes, gas-diffusion cells), novel electrode designs and materials (e.g. diamond, junctions, and nanoparticle assemblies), (iii) catalytic processes, (iv) bioelectrochemical processes, and (v) transport processes at interfaces on micro- and macroscopic level.

Research interests

  1. Electrochemistry at Carbon Nanofiber Electrodes
  2. Nanoparticle Assemblies at Electrode Surfaces
  3. Ultrasound Enhanced Electrochemical Processes in Mono- and Biphasic Media
  4. Microwave Effects in Electrochemistry
  5. Electroinsertion Processes and Electrochemically Driven Solid State Conversions
  6. Liquid - Liquid Ion Insertion and Expulsion Processes - Reactions at Triple Interfaces
  7. Applications of Boron-Doped Diamond Electrodes in Electroanalysis and Electrosynthesis
  8. Reaction Mechanisms, Electrosynthesis, and Electrocatalysis
  9. Electrochemistry of Cellulose, Textile Materials, and Dyes


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