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Professor of Physical Chemistry

1 South 1.47C


Tel: +44 (0) 1225 386502 


Prof Laurence Peter


Professor Peter has led a very successful research group with an established international reputation for its work in a range of fields, most notably semiconductor photoelectrochemistry and dye-sensitized solar cells. During his research career in Bath, he has carried out highly-cited research on new routes to low cost solar cells - work that includes preparation of thin semiconductor films by electrodeposition and the study of physical and chemical processes in sensitized nanocrystalline solar cells. Following his retirement from teaching and administration, Professor Peter is able to devote his full attention to a number of high profile national and international collaborations, in particular in the area of thin film solar cells based on earth-abundant materials. 

Research Interests

  • Solar cells from earth-abundant materials
  • Light-driven water splitting
  • Photoelectrochemistry


Research Positions

Unfortunately Professor Peter is not able to accept applications from prospective PhD students or postdoctoral researchers.


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