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Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

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Professor Michael Hill


Although research in the Hill group is rooted in molecular organometallic chemistry, our interests are somewhat broader and span from the discovery of environmentally benign and atom-efficient catalysts to the development of precursors for nanoparticle synthesis or chemical vapour deposition.

Current research projects include

  • Catalysis with alkaline earth complexes (polymer and molecular chemistry)
  • ‘Subvalent’ and multiply bonded main group species
  • Catenated and ‘sigma delocalised’ group 13- and group 14-based electronic materials
  • Organolanthanide (stereospecific) catalysis (polymer and molecular chemistry)
  • Precursors for chemical vapour deposition and nanomaterials

Research Interests

  • Group 2 Complexes in Molecular Catalysis
  • Subvalent Main Group Species
  • Catenated and ‘Sigma-delocalised’ Group 13 and Group 14 Polymeric materials
  • Organolanthanide Chemistry for Enantioselective Catalysis
  • Precursors for Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD)


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