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Dr Ruth Webster


Following my MSci degree at the University of Strathclyde, I carried out my PhD under the supervision of Professor Robin Bedford at the University of Bristol. This research focussed on the use of Rh and Pd for directing group mediated C-H functionalisation chemistry, principally for the selective formation of aryl-aryl and aryl-halide bonds. This research was supported by GSK. In 2011 I was awarded a Government of Canada Commonwealth Research Fellowship to undertake postdoctoral research with Professor Laurel Schafer at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. This research involved the use of early transition metal, primarily Ti complexes for the synthesis of biopolymers. In 2012 I was awarded a Bath Prize Fellowship to commence independent research in the field of catalysis. My research continues to span the fields of organic, organometallic and polymer chemistry.

Research Interests

  • Metal insertion/activation of strong bonds
  • Development of catalytic processes with traditionally inert bonds
  • Design and implementation of simple chiral catalysts in enantioselective transformations
  • Biopolymer synthesis
  • New routes for metallopolymer synthesis


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