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Chemistry Professor in Royal Society’s #AndAScientist campaign

Wed Mar 30 08:48:00 BST 2016

Professor Saiful Islam is one of 150 scientists to take part in the Royal Society's #AndAScientist campaign.

Launched on Monday 7 March, the campaign aims to increase visibility of parents and carers in science and celebrate diversity in STEM. 

Image of Professor Saiful IslamThe Royal Society has collected stories from scientists around the UK, who combine a career in research with family life. The stories show that it can be possible to combine a vocation for science with other aspirations and commitments. They also highlight the vital role that supportive employers and family-friendly policies play.

There are currently over 40 stories, with more to be added throughout the year. Professor Ottoline Leyser FRS, who led the development of the project said: "This project was inspired by the need to address the negativity that seems to characterise the advice many early career researchers receive about their prospects of combining a career in science with anything beyond breathing, eating and perhaps occasionally sleeping."

Saiful said: “I am very honoured to be part of this Royal Society project. Working at a university has allowed me to carry out exciting research and have the flexibility to share family things. Being away at overseas conferences can be hard, so I try to cut that down. I sometimes show my wife Gita a list of exotic conferences I have declined, although she replies ‘Can I go instead?’”

Read Saiful’s story on the Royal Society website.