Department of Chemistry

Chemistry professor wins prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry award

Mon May 09 12:04:00 BST 2016

Professor Mike Hill has won the 2016 Royal Society of Chemistry Main Group Chemistry Award.

The award recognises outstanding research in any aspect of the chemistry of the s and p block elements of the Periodic Table. Mike received the award for his outstanding contributions to the chemistry of s-block metals particularly regarding their applications in homogeneous catalysis.

Michael Hill 3 Mike’s research explores the use of sustainable elements such as calcium as catalysts in chemical production. Using catalysts to produce chemicals for industrial energy relies on expensive and non-environmentally friendly elements such as platinum. His research group explores the use of sustainable elements to perform similarly to, or better, than their precious metal counterparts.

Mike said: 'Throughout my career I have been lucky to work with some amazingly talented students and postdocs and, in truth, they have done all the hard work. I am delighted to receive the RSC’s Main Group Chemistry Award on their behalf.'

Dr Robert Parker, chief executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry said: 'It is an honour to recognise the illustrious achievements of our prize and award winners in our 175 th anniversary year. We are proud to celebrate and support the work of inspiring and influential individuals, whose work has the potential to improve so many lives.'

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