Department of Chemistry

Current PhDs

Student Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2 Project title
ADAMS, Daniel Prof Matthew Davidson Dr Anneke Lubben High Performance Biodiesel Catalysts for Algal Feedstocks
AGNEW, Lauren Prof Chick Wilson Prof Paul Raithby Multi-component templating approaches to polymorph selection, elusive form discovery and cyrstallisation in the continous environment
AHMET, Ibrahim Dr Andrew Johnson Prof Michael Hill An Investigation of Tin Chalcogenide Precursors and Thin Film Materials for Applications in Energy Harvesting Devices
ALEXANDER, Benjamin Dr Simon Lewis Dr Lorenzo Caggiano Pancreatic cancer drug discovery based on (+)-Grandifloracin
AMER HAMZAH, Harina Prof Andrew Burrows Dr Mary Mahon Functionalisation of Metal-Organic Frameworks via Post-Synthetic Modification
ANKER, Mathew Prof Michael Hill Prof Michael Whittlesey Carbon Dioxide as a C1 Synthon in Group 2 catalysis
ATRI, Ria      
ATTON, Holly Prof Steven Bull Dr Stephen Flower Synthesis and characterisation of small molecules for the treatment of auto-immune diseases
BAKER, Robert      
BEAMENT, James Dr Matthew Jones Dr Antoine Buchard New initiators for the polymerisation of renewable monomers
BENNETT, Martyn      
BEVON, Elizabeth      
BLACKABY, William Prof Michael Whittlesey Dr Andrew Johnson Low-coordinate Ni(I) Complexes for Magnetic Applications
BOSWELL, Jacob      
BOYT, Stuart Dr Ulrich Hintermair Prof Michael Whittlesey New bimetallic transition metal complexes for catalysis
BROOMFIELD-TAGG, Rachael Dr Ulrich Hintermair Dr John Lowe Multinuclear High-Resolution FlowNMR for In-Operando Investigation and Self-Optimisation of Chemical Reactions
CABEZAS-HAYES, Sinead Prof Christopher Frost Prof Frank Marken Internal Redox Labelling of Oligonucleotides
CADMAN, Laura Prof Andrew Burrows Dr Mary Mahon Multi-Component Metal-Organic Frameworks
CALABRESE, Vincenzo Prof Karen Edler Dr Janet L. Scott Interpenetrating Starch-Cellulose Gels and Emulsions
CAMILLERI, Matthew Dr Dave Carbery Dr Laura Torrente Murcia Application of organophotoflowcatalysis to organic synthesis and manufacture
CASARSA, Federico Prof Sofia Pascu   Functional Metal complexes and Materials for therapeutics, oxygen sensing and hypoxia imaging: synthesis, characterisation and cellular imaging applications.
CATHERALL, Amanda Louise Prof Michael Hill Dr Andrew Johnson Chemical Vapour Deposition of Transparent Conduction Oxides
CHAPMAN, Robert Prof Steven Bull Dr Matthew Jones Sustainable Methodology for the Synthesis of Amides, Esters and Polypropionate Fragments
CHARLES, Bethan Prof Mark Weller Dr Daniel Wolverson Structure, spectroscopy and photoelectrochemistry of photovoltaic materials.
CHEN, Yun-Chu Dr Asel Sartbaeva   Thermal stability of insulin and insulin antibodies
COLES, Nathan Dr Ruth Webster Dr Mary Mahon Activation of main group-H bonds using low coordinate iron complexes
COOMBS O'BRIEN, James Dr Janet L. Scott Prof Davide Mattia Processing, forming and modifying cellulose to produce materials and composites with specific properties and tested biodegradability
CORTEZON TAMARIT, Fernando Carlos Prof Sofia Pascu Prof Christopher Frost Investigations into new functionalised thiosemicarbazones and related carbon nanohybrids for the imaging of prostate cancer
COURTENAY, James Dr Janet L. Scott Dr Ram Sharma Decorated cellulose surfaces ; opportunities for novel, sustainable ingredients for formulated products and tissue engineering scaffolds.
COUSEN, Alexander Prof Chick Wilson Prof Paul Raithby Scale-up, yield, purity and selectivity in continuous production of multi-component crystalline targets
COWPER, Paul Dr Simon Lewis Dr Petra Cameron Novel Dyes for Dye Sensitised Solar Cells
COYLE, Niall Prof Michael Hill Dr Andrew Johnson CVD of Hard Coatings on Glass
CRADDUCK, Emily Prof Gareth Price Dr Matthew Jones Sonochemical production of responsive polymer microspheres for targeted delivery
CUNNINGHAM, William Prof Steven Bull Dr Pawel Plucinski Catalytic conversion of terpene feedstocks into value-added chemicals and commodity pharmaceuticals
CYBULSKI, Mateusz Prof Michael Whittlesey Dr Ruth Webster Stoichiometric and Catalytic Reactions of Ruthenium Multi N-heterocyclic Carbene Complexes
DA SILVA, Estelina Lora Prof Aron Walsh Prof Steve Parker Modelling metastable materials
DAVIES, Daniel Prof Aron Walsh Dr Benjamin Morgan Interface Engineering for Indium-free Transparent Electronics
DE GROOF, Vicky Dr Tom Arnot    
DENG, Wentao Dr Petra Cameron Prof Laurie Peter Small molecules for applications in solar cells
DENNINGTON, Adam Prof Mark Weller Dr Andrew Johnson New Halide and Chalcogenide Photovoltaic materials
DI PUMPO, Antonietta Prof Mark Weller    
DI, Andi Prof Karen Edler Dr Asel Sartbaeva Tailoring Porous Templated Inorganic Oxide Films
DILLON, Jessica Prof Saiful Islam Prof Mark Weller Computational modelling of perovskites for photovoltaic applications.
DOEKHIE, Aswin Dr Asel Sartbaeva    
EILBIGI DEHKORDI, Mehrafarin Dr Dan Pantos Dr Simon Lewis Targeting complex topologies with dynamic combinatorial chemistry
ELDER, Felicity Prof Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern Prof Edward Feil The fate of Antimicrobials in urban wastewater and its role in the development of antimicrobial resistance
ELSTONE, Naomi Prof Karen Edler Prof David Leak Extraction and modification of greener surfactants from natural sources and their use in development of delivery methods for active compounds
ESCURSELL JOVE, Oriol Prof Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern Dr Michael Bird  
FEDERLE, Stefanie Prof Matthew Davidson Dr Janet L. Scott  
FERDANI, Dominic Dr Petra Cameron Dr Simon Lewis Engineering Perovskites for 3rd Generation Solar Cells
FLANDRIN, Pierre-Baptiste Prof Chick Wilson Prof Paul Raithby Developing metastable switchable materials towards scale-up production in continuous flow environments
FLITCROFT, Joseph Prof Steve Parker Prof Gareth Price An Investigation Of The Structure, Stability And Transport Of Hydrogen And Oxygen At Actinide Oxide Interfaces
FOWLE, Christopher Prof Tony James Prof Steven Bull Carbohydrate directed photoaffinity labelling
GALLAGHER, Kimberley Dr Ruth Webster Prof Michael Whittlesey Designed iron complexes for hydrofunctionalisation reactions
GARDINER, Jordan Prof Tony James Prof Jean Van Den Elsen Fluorescence analysis of protein glycation
GIANGA, Tiberiu Dr Dan Pantos    
GIUFFRIDA, Simone Prof Sofia Pascu    
GODFREY, Samuel Prof Sofia Pascu Dr Ian Eggleston Synthetic chemistry for the radiolabelling of antibodies and related biomolecules with applications in drug delivery, sensing and imaging
GREGORY, Georgina Dr Antoine Buchard Prof Matthew Davidson Cyclic carbonates carbonates from sugars and CO2: synthesis, polymerisation and biomedical applications
GWYNNE, Lauren Prof Toby Jenkins Dr Simon Lewis Triggered bacteriophage release for the treatment of wound infections
HALL, Andrew Dr Antoine Buchard Dr Ulrich Hintermair Biogenic Alcohols and Sugars as Sustainable Reductants: A Combined Spectroscopic and Theoretical Approach to the Development of New Homogeneous Catalysts for Dehydrogenation, Hydrogen Transfer and Reverse Water-Gas-Shift Chemistry
HALL, Jonathan Prof Michael Whittlesey Prof Michael Hill Catalytic applications of nickel and copper complexes stabilized by large ring N-heterocyclic carbenes
HAMMOND, Oliver Prof Karen Edler Dr Salvador Eslava Fernandez Deep Eutectic Solvents: Structure, Surfactants and Synthesis
HATHAWAY, Hollie Prof Toby Jenkins   Study of nucleoside monophosphate kinases attachment to surfaces for new sensor development
HEATH, Jennifer Prof Saiful Islam Prof Steve Parker Computer modelling studies of materials for lithium and sodium batteries
HERON, Callum Prof Christopher Frost Dr Emma Emanuelsso Patterson Sustainable C-H Functionalisation by Improved Catalyst Design
INNOCENT, Jerome Dr Andrew Johnson Prof Michael Hill The Development of p-type Transparent Conducting Oxide Materials using Atomic Layer Deposition
JONES, Caroline Prof Jonathan Williams Dr Pawel Plucinski New methods for acylation, sulfonylation and phosphonylation reactions
JOYES, Michael Prof Matthew Davidson Dr Matthew Jones Group 4 Catalysts for Polyethylene Furanoate (PEF) synthesis.
KING, Andrew Dr Ruth Webster Prof Michael Hill Intra- and intermolecular hydrophosphination of unactivated alkenes using designed iron catalysts
KIRK, Sarah Dr Matthew Jones Dr Marianne Ellis New initiators for the controlled production of copolymers
KLAPWIJK, Anneke Prof Chick Wilson Prof Paul Raithby Disorder and additive control of solid form and morphology in continuous crystallisation
KNICHAL, Jane Prof Chick Wilson Prof Andrew Burrows Design, Synthesis and Characterisation of Advanced Switchable Functional Materials
KUBIAK, Peter Dr Petra Cameron Dr Andrew Johnson Thin Film Solar Cells
LAMPARD, Emma Prof Tony James Dr Darrell Patterson Benzoxaboroles for Membrane Separation
LANGLEY, Amelia Prof Frank Marken   Electrochemical reactivity in pores: From measurement to model of corrosion dynamics of conducting materials in seawater.
LAWRENCE, Ruth Prof Steven Bull Prof Jonathan Williams N-Oxides as Organocatalysts for the Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation and Brominiation Reactions
LEITCH, Jamie Prof Christopher Frost Prof Jonathan Williams Site-selective catalytic C-H functionalisation
LIANG, Jinghui Prof David Leak    
LIANG, Xinxing Dr Petra Cameron Prof Frank Marken Perovskite solar cells
LIMBERTI, Simone Dr Dan Pantos Prof Tony James Synthesis and characterisation of BN-isoteres of polyaromatic hydrocarbons
LLEDOS, Marina Prof Sofia Pascu Dr Ian Eggleston New bifunctional chelators for main group and transition metals: from molecules to materials and their biomedical applications
LOPARDO, Luigi Prof Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern Dr Simon Lewis Wastewater profiling for community-wide human exposure assessment from environmental endocrine disrupting chemicals in personal care and consumer products - TOX-ECD
LOPEZ, Carlos Dr Simon Lewis Dr Jannis Wenk Rapid on-site colourimetric determination of drinking water safety in the developing world.
LUNT, Ruth Prof Chick Wilson Prof Paul Raithby Solid form and morphology control in multi-component continuous crystallisation
MARKIDIS, Ioannis Dr Marta Coma Bech Dr Tom Arnot Small scale anaerobic digestion modelling: Investigating the sustainability and economic viability of urban anaerobic digestion systems
MARSHALL, Kayleigh Prof Mark Weller Prof Saiful Islam High fluoride hydrothermal synthesis of novel transition metal framework materials.
MCCLUSKEY, Andrew Prof Karen Edler Prof Steve Parker Coarse-grained modelling for soft matter scattering
MCCORMICK, Strachan Prof Matthew Davidson Dr Antoine Buchard Benign Catalysts for the Production of Renewable Plastics
MCGUIRE, Thomas Dr Antoine Buchard Dr Matthew Jones Development of catalytic systems for new monomers and polymers
MCKEOWN, Paul Prof Matthew Davidson Dr Matthew Jones Design of Initiators for the Production of Bio Based Polymers
MILO, Scarlet Prof Toby Jenkins Prof Steven Bull Development of infection responsive theranostic devices
MOLLOY, Christopher Dr Dave Carbery   Development of New Flavin-Catalysed Reactions
MORRIS, Louis Prof Michael Hill Prof Michael Whittlesey Earth Abundant Catalysts for Organometallic Polymer Synthesis
MORRIS-KNOX, Christopher Prof Michael Hill Prof Alison Walker New p-type Transparent Conducting Oxides
MURFIN, Lloyd Dr Simon Lewis Dr Andrew Johnson Directionality in Nanohoops
NASH, Toby Dr Simon Lewis Prof Tony James Engineering of the benzoate dioxygenase enzyme and use of its products in chemical synthesis
NEARCHOU, Antony Dr Asel Sartbaeva Prof Paul Raithby Synthesis and impregnation of nanoporous materials
NG, Tat Ming Prof Mark Weller Prof Aron Walsh Synthesis and characterisation of copper zinc tin sulfide photovoltaic materials in bulk and single crystal forms
NIEMANN, Ralf Dr Petra Cameron Prof Alison Walker Compositional Diversity and Structural Dynamics of Perovskite Solar Cells
ODYNIEC, Maria Prof Tony James Prof Frank Marken Diagnostic and Theranostic Systems
OHENE-YEBOAH, Leyorla Prof Steve Parker Dr Jannis Wenk Pollutant Speciation And Remediation In The Environment Using Atomistic Simulations
O'NEILL, Matthew Dr Ulrich Hintermair Dr Antoine Buchard Synthesis of Organic Carbonates by Direct Condensation of Alcohols with CO2
PALFREY, Jordan Prof Steven Bull Dr Stephen Flower Design and synthesis of inhibitors of P2Y14 for the treatment of pain and inflammation.
PARISH, James Dr Andrew Johnson Prof Paul Raithby Development of Metal Chalcogenide Precursors for Application in Semiconducting Materials
PARROTT, Shelley Prof Steven Bull    
PATERSON, Andrew Prof Christopher Frost Dr Darrell Patterson Selective Catalytic C-H Functionalisation for Drug Discovery
PERING, Samuel Dr Petra Cameron Dr Simon Lewis Studies of Perovskite Solar Cells
PINHEIRO DE LUCENA, Jessica Dr Marianne Ellis    
POCKETT, Adam Dr Petra Cameron Prof Alison Walker Characterization of Perovskite Solar Cells
POLI, Isabella Dr Petra Cameron Dr Salvador Eslava Fernandez Third Generation Solar Cells for Photovoltaic and Water Splitting Applications
PROCTOR, Kathryn Prof Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern Dr Tom Arnot Environmental life-cycle of pharmacologically active compounds: new (bio)analytical approaches and environmental risk assessment
PROVIS-EVANS, Cei Dr Ruth Webster Dr Emma Emanuelsso Patterson Very PC: Iron photocatalysis for the efficient synthesis of phosphorus-carbon bonds
PUTRA, Budi Riza Prof Frank Marken Dr Janet L. Scott Electrochemical behaviour of microporous material for water purification
QUILTER, Helena Dr Matthew Jones Prof Davide Mattia  
RICE, Jack Prof Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern Dr Anneke Lubben Quantitative proteomics in molecular diagnostics of public health: the quest for biomarkers of infectious disease
RIXSON, Daniel Prof Andrew Burrows Dr Mary Mahon Inclusion of functionalised guests within metal-organic frameworks
RONG, Yuanyang Prof Frank Marken Prof Tony James Intrinsically Microporous Polymer Materials for Electrodes and Membranes
RUSHWORTH, Andrew Prof Paul Raithby Prof Simon Bending Heterostructures from Chemical Vapour Deposition: The Synthesis and Characterisation of Tungsten and Tin Chalcogenides on Graphene Substrates
RYDER, Alison      
SACKVILLE, Emma Dr Ulrich Hintermair Prof Frank Marken  
SANCHEZ FERNANDEZ, Adrian Prof Karen Edler Dr Janet L. Scott Self-assembly in deep eutectic solvents
SANZ SHARLEY, Daniel Prof Jonathan Williams    
SARPAKI, Sophia Prof Sofia Pascu Dr Ian Eggleston Coordination chemistry of gallium and related elements for bioimaging and sensing applications
SCOTT, Christopher      
SEDGWICK, Adam Prof Steven Bull Prof Tony James Synthesis of novel diagnostic and theranostic systems
SIMS, Natalie Frances      
SINGER HOBBS, Maya Dr Ulrich Hintermair Dr Pawel Plucinski New Catalysts for Dioxygen Activation
SMITHAM, Antony Prof Steven Bull    
SPRING, Sam Prof Christopher Frost Prof Jonathan Williams Stimuli Responsive Catalysis
STALKER, Megan      
STATHAM, Joel Prof Steve Parker Prof Saiful Islam Atomistic Simulation of Oxide Interfaces in Materials for Energy Technologies
STEPHENS, Liam Prof Steven Bull Prof Toby Jenkins Discovery of Novel Vinyl-Isocyanide Antibiotics For the Treatment of MRSA
STUBBS, Clare Prof Paul Raithby Prof Chick Wilson The Synthesis and Characterisation of Solid State Switchable Metastable Materials
SULLIVAN, Hannah Dr Andrew Johnson Dr Duncan Allsopp Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Materials: Enhancing Efficiencies of GaN LEDs
SURMAN, Matthew      
SYMINGTON, Adam Prof Steve Parker Prof Michael Hill The Effect Of Microstructure And Impurities On Transport In Actinide Oxide Films
TAYLOR, Emily      
THOMLINSON, Isabel      
THOMPSON, Abigail      
THOMPSON, Joseph Dr Andrew Johnson Dr Daniel Wolverson Development of single-source CVD precursors for group IV, V and VI metal disulfides
THONGCHAI, Prem Prof Michael Hill Dr Andrew Johnson Aerosol Deposition of f-block chalcogenide materials
TIBBETTS, Joshua Prof Steven Bull Dr Elias Martinez Hernandez Catalytic transformation and valorization of terpenes and other biorenewables
TOGNOLONI, Cecilia Prof Karen Edler Prof Gareth Price Formation of polymer-lipid nanodiscs for membrane protein studies
TSE, Joshua Prof Steve Parker Mr Marco Molinari Towards understanding the speciation, precipitation and sorption of radionuclides in magnesium rich minerals using atomistic simulations
WALLACE, Laura Aishling Prof Toby Jenkins Prof Tony James Development of a triggered release theranostic wound dressing
WALLACE, Suzanne Prof Aron Walsh Prof Mark Weller Overcoming the efficiency bottleneck of metal sulfide solar cells
WALSH ATKINS, Philip Prof Saiful Islam Prof Steve Parker Computational studies of halide and hybrid perovskite materials for solar cells
WAYMENT, Lois Prof Chick Wilson    
WEBER, James Prof Frank Marken Prof Steve Parker Aqueous Electrocatalysis in Concentrated Electrolyte Solutions
WEBER, Maria Prof Tony James Dr Amanda Mackenzie Fluorogenic materials for diagnosis and theranostic applications
WEBER, Oliver Prof Mark Weller Prof Chris Bowen Ferroelectric photovoltaic materials
WELLOCK, Georgina Dr Benjamin Morgan Prof Steve Parker Bridging the atomistic and continuum space charge models in solid electrolytes.
WILLIAMS, George Prof Toby Jenkins Prof Tony James Design and testing of microbial responsive nanocapsules
WILSON, Andrew Prof Michael Hill Prof Michael Whittlesey Redox activity of main group compounds
WILSON, Philippe Prof Ian Williams Prof Steve Parker Isotope-effect calculations in the supramolecular age
WIRAWAN, Remigius Dr Janet L. Scott Dr Darrell Patterson Towards robust cellulose-based nanofiltration membranes
WORONYCZ, Luiza Prof Steve Parker Prof Karen Edler Molecular interactions with oxide surfaces and nanoparticles in aqueous solution
WRIGLEY, Liam      
YANG, Ruoxi Prof Aron Walsh Prof Mark Weller Electronic structure of modular metal-organic frameworks for solar cells
ZHANG, Chi Prof Christopher Frost    
ZHANG, Wenkai Prof Steve Parker    
ZOUMPOULI, Garyfalia