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Emergency Actions

Emergency numbers 666 or 999 (public telephone)
Fire or other emergency:
  • Break glass in nearest fire alarm
  • Attack fire if possible using extinguishers
  • Do NOT take personal risks
If you hear the fire alarm:
  • Close doors but leave lights on
  • Leave the building by the nearest route
  • Go to the assembly point in front of UBSA
If you discover an injured person:
  • For minor injuries, contact a first-aider
  • For serious injuries, call ambulance on 666 or 999
  • Do not move injured persons unless they are in danger
  • Stay with casualty until help arrives
outside normal working hours 666 (Emergency services)
5349 (Security)
07740 731658 (Mark Lane)
Emergency Services 666
Security 5349
Mark Lane 07740 731658