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CHI2 PhD students
portrait of Marianna Frangeskou

Marianna Frangeskou, RUH/IDO URS scholarship.
Title of research: Generating insights into the implementation of clinical care pathway through the analysis of the ideal and actual performances of care process.
Supervised by Prof C Vasilakis and Prof M Lewis.

Marianna holds a Masters Degree in Health Economics and Policy from Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and a Bachelor in Science in Economics from the University of Cyprus. Before joining CHI2 she was a trainee at the European Commission in the Cabinet of Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth and in the Press Department, DG Communication.

The aim of Marianna’s PhD research is to investigate the role of modelling and simulation in quality improvement studies in healthcare. Her research will be conducted using a number of case studies in the collaborating hospital that will explore the causes of the apparently significant additional risks associated with admission to hospital on certain days of the week, known as the 'weekend effect'.

portrait of Charilaos Volanis

Charilaos Volanis, URSA scholarship.
Title of research: Optimisation methods for addressing vehicle and inventory routing problems that are faced in the blood supply chain.
Supervised by Dr. Dimitris Paraskevopoulos and Prof. Christos Vasilakis.

Charilaos holds a Master of Science in Management from the University of Bath and a MEng in Civil & Transportation Engineering from Democritus University of Thrace, Greece. Charilaos is interested in applications of operations research methods in healthcare and specifically the optimisation of the blood supply chain.

The aim of his research is to develop mathematical models and computationally efficient algorithms that will improve blood stock management and distribution processes.

portrait of Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward, MSc. C.ErgHF
Supervised by: Prof. Christos Vasilakis, Dr. Julie Gore, Prof. Mike Lewis

My research studies the cognitive processes used by hospital clinicians and operational managers to make decisions regarding patient flow and care. Specifically I am studying the interaction between decision-makers and system-state information that creates both tensions (intuitive versus deliberative decision making) and opportunities (communicating a view of a complex dynamic system).

I work within the naturalistic decision making paradigm that seeks to understand cognition by studying humans in the field and placing particular focus on how experience and expertise is utilised to handle environmental aspects such as uncertainty and time pressure. The concept of bounded rationality (recognising the limit of attention resources) is key and the emphasis on fieldwork contrasts the paradigm with experiment-driven approaches such as behavioural decision making.

I have several years of experience working in the discipline of human factors in both applied and research roles. Human factors is a design and management approach that seeks to understand and improve interactions between humans and their socio-technical work environments.

Past students

Dr Colin Hicks, Associate Director– pan Dorset and Southampton IAPT.
Using business analytics tools to inform mental health services reorganisation.
Supervised by Dr Christos Vasilakis.

Lee Parry
Title of research: Board diversity and remuneration: a comparative study of the public and private sectors in the UK and Sweden.
Supervised by Dr M Greenwood.