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Ben Adams, Mathematical Sciences
Edward Feil, Biology and Biochemistry
Kit Yates, Mathematical Sciences

Core members
Begona Delgado-Charro, Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Robert Kelsh, Biology and Biochemistry
Nick Priest, Biology and Biochemistry
Hartmut Schwetlick, Mathematical Sciences
Jane White, Mathematical Sciences 

Some current PhD students
Bethan Boulton (Modelling control of macroparasitic infections)
Enrico Gavagnin (Modelling persistence in embryonic cell migration)
Jennifer Owen(Modelling pigment pattern formation in zebrafish)
Cameron Smith(Developing hybrid modelling methodologies for reaction-diffusion processes)

Some former PhD students
Andrew Bate  (University of York)
James Clarke 
Graeme Boswell (University of Glamorgan)
Victoria Brown (University of Michigan)
Claudia Carrillo (Oxford Brookes University)
Farida Chamchod (Mahidol University)
Matthew Dorey (Health Protection Agency) 
Katy Gaythorpe (University of Cambridge) 
Stephen Gourley (University of Surrey)
Ivana Gudelj (University of Exeter)
Eleanor Harrison 
Jennifer Jones
Colin McClure 
Finn McQuaid (
Steve Raper (University of Bath)
Daniel Taylor 
Steven White (CEH Wallingford)
Hannah Woodall (University of Bristol)
Andrew Woodford
Weihao Zhong

All staff members

Biology and Biochemistry
Tim Astrop
Daniel Faloush, molecular evolution
Edward Feil, molecular evolution, bacterial pathogens
Susanne Gebhard, anti-microbial resistance
Daniel Henk, evolution and ecology of fungi
Laurence Hurst, evolutionary genetics
Alex Jeffries, functional genomics, molecular evolution
Robert Kelsh, developmental biology, gene networks
Silvia Munoz-Descalzo
Nick Priest, evolutionary genetics 
Tamas Szekely, evolutionary biology
Leslie Turner
Matthew Wills, macroevolutionary patterns
Jason Wolf, evolutionary genetics

Computer Science
Joanna Bryson, natural intelligence, intelligent systems.
Mariana De Vos, evolutionary game theory.


Neil Allan
Christos Ioannidis, time series dynamic models
Andreas Krause, networks, agent-based simulations

Mathematical Sciences
Ben Adams, epidemiology, pathogen evolution
Karim Anaya-Izquierdo, statistics
Nicole Augustin, statistics
Nick Britton, ecology, epidemiology and evolution
Chris Budd,mathematical modelling
Jonathan Dawes, dynamical systems
Evangelos Evangelou, statistics
Chris Guiver, control theory, ecology
Simon Harris, probability
Hartmut Logeman, control theory
Paul Milewski, chemotaxis
Peter Moerters, probability
Tim Rogers, networks and collective behaviour
Hartmut Schwetlick, analysis, PDEs, modelling, numerics
Gavin Shaddick, statistics, epidemiology
Jane White, ecology, epidemiology pharmacokinetics
Lorna Wilson
Kit Yates, stochastic modelling methodologies, cell migration, collective behaviour

Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Begona Delgado-Charro, drug delivery, pharmacokinetics
Richard Guy
Philippe Blondel, acoustic mapping of habitats and ecosystems underwater
Dick James
, animal aggregation
Alain Nogaret, spiking semiconductor neurons

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