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Mike Mogie, Biology and Biochemistry
Jane White, Mathematical Sciences


Core members

Ben Adams, Mathematical Sciences
Nick Britton, Mathematical Sciences
Edward Feil, Biology and Biochemistry
Dick James, Physics
Frank Hilker, Mathematical Sciences
Nick Priest, Biology and Biochemistry
Hartmut Schwetlick, Mathematical Sciences


Some current PhD students

Kevin Balbi (Biology; molecular evolution)
Andrew Bate (Maths; theoretical ecology)
James Clarke (Maths; infectious disease control)
Eleanor Harrison (Maths; epidemiology of vector-borne diseases))
Colin McClure (Biology; life history evolution)
Finn McQuaid (Maths; food-web dynamics)
Steve Raper (Biology; bovine tubercolosis epidemiology)
Elisa Loza-Reyes (Maths; phylogenetic trees)
Marios Richards (Computer Science;)
Daniel Taylor (Computer Science; cultural evolution)
Zoe Ward (Maths; HIV evolution)
Weihao Zhong (Biology; sexual conflict)


Some former PhD students

Graeme Boswell (University of Glamorgan)
Victoria Brown (University of Michigan)
Claudia Carrillo (Oxford Brookes University)
Farida Chamchod (University of Miami)
Matthew Dorey (Health Protection Agency)
Stephen Gourly (University of Surrey)
Ivana Gudelj (Imperial College, London)
Rebecca Hayward (Physics; animal social networks)
Jessica Pollitt
Fiona Sharpe
Jame Stewart-Cox
Gavin Thomas
Steven White (CEH Wallingford)
Andrew Whittle

All staff members

Biology and Biochemistry

Steve Dorus, evolutionary genetics and genomics.
Edward Feil, molecular evolution, bacterial pathogens.
Laurence Hurst, evolutionary genetics.
Alex Jeffries, functional genomics, molecular evolution.
Robert Kelsh, developmental biology, gene networks.
Mike Mogie, evolution of sexual and asexual reproduction.
Nick Priest, evolutionary genetics.
Alan Rayner, fungi, complexity.
Tamas Szekely, evolutionary biology.
Matthew Wills, macroevolutionary patterns.
Jason Wolf, evolutionary genetics.

Computer Science

Joanna Bryson, natural intelligence, intelligent systems.
Mariana De Vos, evolutionary game theory.






Neil Allan, disease theory and risk.
Christos Ioannidis, time series dynamic models.
Andreas Krause, networks, agent-based simulations.


Mathematical Sciences

Ben Adams, epidemiology, pathogen evolution.
Nick Britton, ecology and evolution, reaction-diffusion.
Frank Hilker, ecology and epidemiology.
Merrilee Hurn, MCMC methods, image analysis.
Hartmut Schwetlick, analysis, PDEs, modelling, numerics.
Gavin Shaddick, statistics, epidemiology.
Jane White, ecology, epidemiology, pharmacokinetics



Mechanical Engineering

William Megill, biomimetics, coastal oceanography.

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Begona Delgado-Charro, drug delivery, pharmacokinetics


Dick James, animal aggregation.
Alain Nogaret, spiking semiconductor neurons.


Suzanne Skevington, psychosocial aspects of quality of life.

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