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Mathematical Biology PhD Research

There is a thriving postgraduate research community within and around the Centre for Mathematical Biology in Bath. We have an ethos of active and supportive research supervision to guide students from enthusiastic graduates to fully independent researchers.  If you are interested in doing research leading to a mathematical biology PhD, the CMB could be the place for you. Read on, get in touch. We welcome all enquiries and applications.


UK residents are generally eligible for EPSRC studentships. These are awarded through the Department of Mathematical Sciences on a competitive basis. They cover all tuition fees for the PhD programme and pay a tax exempt stipend to cover living costs. In 2013 the standard EPRSC stipend was 13,726 per year. Many students supplement this income by taking undergraduate tutorials at the university.

UK and non-UK residents may be eligible for full or partial studentships offered by the University of Bath and a range of external funders.


Formal applications should be made by the central University of Bath system.

More information

For informal enquiries about research topics or PhD research in general please contact one of the supervisors for the projects listed on this page.

For procedural or technical information about applications or eligibility please contact the University of Bath Graduate School.


Research at the Centre for Mathematical Biology covers a wide range of topics including epidemiology, ecology, evolution and pharmacokinetics. The main areas in which some of the core members of staff have PhD research projects available are listed below. See the personal webpages of members of the CMB for other possibilities. Contact us if you would like to know more about current project, or if you would like to propose a project you have thought of yourself.

  • Host pathogen epidemiology and evolution. Supervisor: Ben Adams

  • Economic modelling of infectious disease control; pharmacokinetics. Supervisor: Jane White

  • Modelling cell migration, collective animal behaviour, developing efficient stochastic simulation methodologies. Supervisor: Kit Yates


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