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Research in the CMB

CMB members work on a variety of problems related to biological growth and spread. The focus may be at any level from molecular to cellular to whole organism. We are particularly active in the areas of ecology, epidemiology and evolution. Collaborations within, and beyond, the CMB are encouraged. The seminar series is just one forum in which people can present problems in the biological and life sciences that they feel may benefit from mathematical modelling.

Ben Adams

  • Infectious disesae epidemiology and evolution 
  • Epidemiology of influenza, dengue, other vector-borne diseases
  • Demography

Nick Britton 

  • Evolutionary and spatial ecology
  • Behavioural ecology
  • Epidemiology
  • Ecology and epidemiology of honey-bee populations

Ed Feil

  • Microbial evolutionary biology

    Dick James

    • Social animal interactions;
    • Networks

    Alex Jefferies

    • Genome analysis

    Nick Priest

    • Evolutionary genetics
    • Demography

    Hartmut Schwetlick

    • Modelling cell biology and motility

    Gavin Shaddick

    • Epidemiology
    • Spatial statistics

    Jane White

    • Control of biological systems
    • Within host dyanmics of HIV
    • Pharmacokinetic modelling

    Jason Wolf

    • Evolutionary genetics
    • Quantitative genetics
    • Social evolution

    Kit Yates

    • Cell migration
    • Collective motion
    • Stochastic simulation methodologies

    Research of Affiliated Members

    Key research activities of affiliated members includes evolution and structure of genetic systems (Hurst); animal behaviour (Szekely); macroevolution (Wills); image analysis (Hurn); medical statistics (Jennison); random walks (Harris and Moerters); spatial statistical ecology (Augustin); evolution of language (Bryson).

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