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At the University of Bath we run a number of mathematical biology courses for undergraduates on mathematics, biology and natural science programmes. We also run an MSc in Modern Applications of Mathematics, which includes a mathematical biology stream. This programme provides training in some of the advanced modelling methodology, analytic and numerical techniques commonly used in mathematical biology.

Undergraduate courses for mathematicians

MA30047 Mathematical Biology 1
This unit introduces problems arising in population biology that can be tackled using nonlinear ordinary differential equations and difference equations. Both mathematical modelling and mathematical analysis are be covered, with the interplay between the mathematics and the biology emphasised throughout.

MA30063 Mathematical Biology 2
This unit follows on from Mathematical Biology 1, introducing the construction and analysis of partial differential equations models to study biological systems.

MA40197 Advanced Mathematical Biology
This unit introduces modelling techniques for problems in ecology, evolution and epidemiology developed through recent and ongoing research.

MA40198 Applied Statistical Inference
This unit introduces the application of statstical methods to simple but real non-linear systems such as insect pest populations, chemostat dynamics, pharmacokinetic systems and biological growth models. 

MA30128/MA40195 Project
Members of staff in the CMB are often interested in supervising undergraduate projects. Get in touch with a member of staff whose research is in the area that interests you.  

Undergraduate courses for biologists

MA20201 Modelling the Dynamics of Life 1
This unit introduces the basic principles of mathematical modelling in biology. Fundamental mathematical techniques are reviewed and developed, with motivation coming from a wide range of biological contexts throughout the course.

MA20202 Modelling the Dynamics of Life 2
This unit follows on from Modelling the Dynamics of Life 1. More advanced mathematical and modelling techniques are developed and applied to a range of biological problems.

MSc in Modern Applicatons of Mathematics

The MSc is a one year full time programme focused on interdisciplinary applications of mathematics. Core taught units provide training in mathematical methods, mathematical modelling, scientific computation and other applied techniques. The mathematical biology stream combines this with units in biology and biochemistry, training in research methods and an individual research project. Students will be members of the CMB and a typical project is supervised jointly by staff in the Departments of Mathematical Sciences and Biology and Biochemistry. 

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