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Centre for Nonlinear Mechanics     University of Bath

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                                                 Seminars and Meetings.

On Tuesdays we hold our formal seminars in
 Nonlinear Mechanics and Interdisciplinary Applied          mathematics

These seminars are intended to stimulate discussions and research in problems at the interface of mathematics, engineering, physics, biology and other disciplines.

These and other events that happen throughout the year are listed below.

All seminars are at 1.15pm in 4W 1.7  (The Wolfson Room) University of Bath,

Everyone is welcome to join the speaker and organisers for lunch in the Claverton rooms beforehand.

                            CNM/IAM  Seminars and Workshops

                                 Autumn 2014

   Tuesday 7th October                                                  Alexander Kiselev (St Petersburg)

    Scattering theory approach to some problems related to metamaterials

Tuesday 14th October                                                   Ian Griffiths (Oxford)

    Magnets and Zebra pipes: effective ways of purifying water?

   Tuesday 21st October                                                   Wessex Water                                           

    A discussion seminar with Wessex Water to explore problems of mutual interest

    Tuesday  28th October                                                Peter Grindrod (Oxford)             
Phase locking on the n-torusPhase locking on the n-torus

    Tuesday 4th November                                                 Gung-HO Project

 A workshop on the development of new numerical methods for weather forecasting

     Tuesday 11th November                                             Hilary Weller (Oxford)

     Unstructured meshes and r-adaptivity for atmospheric models

     Tuesday 18th November  to Wednesday 19th November                                              
     Workshop on Collective Behaviour in Growing System

    A two-day knowledge-sharing workshop on the subject of collective dynamics in out-of-equilibrium    systems driven by growth (bacterial colonies, cancerous tumors, financial markets, expanding cities, etc...). See http://people.bath.ac.uk/ma3tcr/cbgs/ for details.


     Tuesday 25th November                                                     Buddhapriya Chakrabati (Durham)


Tuesday 2nd December                                                        Corwin Wright (Bath)

    Detection and analysis of atmospheric gravity waves using satellite data

     Tuesday 9th December                                                         Danielle Wain (Bath)

    A Internal wave generated boundary layers and mixing on the steep sloping walls of the Monteray     Submarine Canyon

     Thursday 8th January 2015                                                 UKIE SIAM Meeting

     Friday 9th January  2015                                                      IMA Meeting

The Eight Great Technologies

    Tuesday  13th January  2015                                                  David Chillingworth (Southampton)

Generic geometry of perturbed hedgehogs

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