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We offer a wide range of opportunities to engage with companies.These include favourable access to funds not otherwise available to you, early access to our excellent students to enhance your recruiting, and opportunities to solve problems together. The University also provides substantial professional support to help you on our Business webpages.

Here are some example opportunities within the Department of Computer Science.

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Research is what drives developments in our specialist fields. We aim to bring together the strengths of university and company research.

If your company is in the digital creative industries, we have a major nationally-funded and cost-effective programme to place a research team at your disposal. Please see our Centre for Digital Entertainment pages for details. CDE Centre Manager Brent Kiernan can help you explore this further –

If you would like to find out more about the research our department is currently involved in, please visit our research pages. If you have a specific research proposal in mind or would like to discuss the possibilities of funding research, please contact our Director of Research, Peter Hall.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

KTP is a UK-wide programme helping businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK Knowledge Base.”

Using this mechanism, there are many ways we can help you. You decide what you need, we will support you in getting it.

For more details, please see the above web site and contact; or telephone +44 (0)1225 38 5201

Placement students

The University and our Department has a long history of placing students on 12 month professional placements with a wide range of companies in various role.

Our exceptional students, as well as gaining invaluable experience for themselves, can quickly become a member of your team – taking on the role and responsibilities of any normal junior employee.

Often, the knowledge and experience gained on a professional placement isn’t lost after the 12 month period. It’s not uncommon for professional placement students to maintain ties with their placement company – being employed as a full graduate after they have completed their degree with, of course, the ideal skills and familiarity to re-join your company with the minimum of training.

If you are interested in taking on placement students or finding out more information, please contact our professional placements officer, Louise Oliver -  or visit our Industrial Placements page.

Employer engagement

To complement our professional placements programme and improve the employability of our students, we like to involve employers throughout a student's degree, whether undergraduate or postgraduate.

This may range from a one-off hour long lecture to a regular programme of workshops to equip our students with the skills they need for professional life.

This gives you the opportunity to highlight your specific field to prospective future employees, while ensuring they have a realistic understanding of the work place.

If you would like to discuss these ideas further, please contact our Faculty Placements Manager, Louise Oliver - 

Contractual work

If your company requires specialist analysis or expertise not available within its own resources or skills, we may be able to help. Explore our specialist support in this area with the assistance of Rachid Hourizi – 


There are many extremely talented undergraduate and postgraduate students who have every desire to study but are limited by a lack of funding for their fees and living expenses.

If you are able to assist these students please contact the Graduate School ( for postgraduate sponsorship and Claudia Emery – for undergraduate sponsorship.