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On the pigeonhole and related principles in deep inference and monotone systems
(16/12/2014, :, )
Anupam Das
We construct quasipolynomial-size proofs of the propositional pigeonhole principle in the deep inference system KS, addressing an open problem raised in previous works and matching the best known upper bound for the more general class of monotone pro ...
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Emmanuel Beffara
(02/12/2014, :, )
Proofs as schedules
In this talk, I will present a new approach of the question of the proof-theoretic study of concurrent interaction called "proofs as schedules". Observing that proof theory is well suited to the description of confluent systems while concurrency has ...
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Genetic Improvement of Progam Sources
(11/11/2014, :, )
William Langdon
Genetic programming (GP) can optimise programs including evolving search meta-heuristics, protocols, composing web services, improving hashing and garbage collection, N-version programming and even automatically fixing bugs. There are many ways to tr ...
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A syntax for cubical type theory
(04/11/2014, :, )
Ambrus Kaposi
Homotopy type theory usually means the rules of intensional Martin-Löf type theory with the inductive identity type extended with the univalence axiom. This set of rules is convenient to do mathematics, however, when viewed as a programming language, ...
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Towards an atomic lambda-mu-calculus
(30/10/2014, :, )
Fanny He
In this talk I will present my work on the atomic ??-calculus: an extension of the ??-calculus with explicit sharing and atomic reduction. The atomic ?-calculus corresponds to a deep inference system via a Curry-Howard-style isomorphism, and the ??-c ...
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