Allocation procedure for University accommodation

We allocate rooms according to course offer status, level of study and by the date and time that you submit your accommodation application. Your domicile is also considered when applying for accommodation.

Applying for University accommodation before 1 July 2016

If you submit your application before the 1 July 2016 deadline, we can guarantee you a place.

We try to get you into your preferred location but we can't guarantee it. Room allocation always depends on the popularity of complexes and the number of applicants.

As buildings become oversubscribed, we take them off the list of options for you to choose from.

We only allocate you a room after your course offer changes to unconditional firm.

Applying for University accommodation if you're an Erasmus+, exchange or visiting student

We offer a limited number of Erasmus+, exchange and visiting students a place in University accommodation. Erasmus+, exchange and visiting students are able to apply for accommodation in Pulteney Court and Thornbank Gardens.

We allocate rooms on a first come, first served basis.

Delays with your offer

If you do not achieve your offer grades, your offer becoming unconditional firm can be delayed. Any delay with your offer will also delay your room allocation and reduce your chance of getting your room preferences.

Re-mark appeals affecting entry to University of Bath

If you don't get the results you need to meet your offer requirements you might make an appeal. If you are successful, you will still be able to get a room in University accommodation if your application was submitted before the 1 July deadline.

You need to tell us by 31 August 2016 if your appeal is successful and we will try to allocate you a room in one of your preferred locations. You can email us at: If you tell us about a successful appeal after 31 August 2016, we can guarantee you a room but is less likely to be one of your accommodation preferences.

Reviewing this procedure

The Vice-Chancellor's Group, Registry and the Students' Union review the accommodation allocation procedure every year.