On Track to Bath is ideal for academically-able students whose backgrounds may make them less likely to go to a leading university. They may not be considering going to university at all.

We give priority to students who attend one of our Link Schools and Colleges and who meet the widening participation criteria.

To check if your student lives in a Low Participation Neighbourhood, email their postcode to widening-participation@bath.ac.uk

General academic criteria

Students must have:

  • six GCSEs at grades A* to B
  • at least a grade C in GCSE English and Mathematics

Track-specific criteria

Business & Entrepreneurship track

Students on the Business & Entrepreneurship track must:

  • have at least a B in GCSE Mathematics and English Language
  • be studying A Levels that show a breadth and depth of learning, such as a combination of Mathematics or sciences with humanities or essay-based subjects

Computer Sciences track

Students on the Computer Sciences track must:

  • be studying A Level Mathematics

Science track

Students on the Science track must:

  • be studying at least one science subject at A Level, plus another science or Mathematics

 Social Science track

Students on the Social Science track must:

  • be studying at least one humanities subject at A Level

Languages track

Students on the Languages track must:

  • be studying at least one language at A Level

Our undergraduate prospectus

We recommend that your students read our undergraduate prospectus for the specific academic requirements for all of our degrees.