Dietary information

We use a food-labelling system on the menus in our hospitality outlets. This provides dietary information about the main ingredients of our food.

If you have questions about the ingredients of a meal or product, please speak with a member of staff.

Food menu


We serve breakfast from 9am to 11.00am.


Description Price
Porridge £1.25
Porridge with cinnamon £1.40
Porridge with honey £1.40
Add omega three seed mix £0.30


Description Price
Lemon and sugar pancake £2.10
Toffee and banana pancake £2.35
Nutella pancake £2.35
Nutella and banana pancake £2.60
Mixed berries and natural yogurt pancake £2.60
Marshmallows and chocolate sauce £2.35
Description Price
Smoked bacon and beef tomato on rustic ciabatta £3.15
Add a free range fried egg £1.05


Choose one of the following breads for your sandwich:

  • focaccia
  • ciabatta
  • bagels
  • baguette
  • wrap
  • gluten-free bread

Choose from a range of fillings:

Filling Description Dietary information Price
Prosciutto and pesto Prosciutto, sliced tomato, mozzarella balls and nut-free green pesto £4.30
Chicken, bacon and sweetcorn Diced chicken breast, bacon, sweetcorn, mayo and rocket Dish contains meat prepared using Halal methods £4.30
Salsa meatballs Spicy meatballs, salsa sauce, cheddar cheese and lettuce £4.30
Lime and chilli chicken Marinated lime and chilli chicken strips, Greek yogurt and guacamole £4.30
Bacon and brie Smoked bacon, sliced somerset brie, tomato & red pepper chutney and rocket £4.30
Smoked salmon Zesty smoked salmon, lemon cream cheese and rocket £4.30
Classic prawn cocktail Tiger prawns, lettuce, marie rose sauce and smoked paprika £4.30
Tuna crunch Tuna, mayonnaise, celery, spring onion, lime and rocket £4.30
Cod goujons Cod goujons, tartare sauce and pea shoots £4.30
Mozzarella and pesto Mozzarella cheese, sliced tomato and nut-free green pesto Suitable for vegetarians £4.15
Falafel relish Falafel, sliced tomato, lettuce and tomato relish Suitable for vegans £4.15
Brie and grape Sliced somerset brie, black grapes, tomato & red pepper chutney and mixed leaves Suitable for vegetarians £4.15
Mediterranean Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, nut free pesto and feta cheese Suitable for vegetarians £4.15
Feta and avocado Smashed avocado, tomato, feta, mixed leaves and a squeeze of fresh lime Suitable for vegetarians £4.15
Vegan sausage Linda McCartney sausage, sliced tomato, red pepper chutney and lettuce Suitable for vegans £4.15

Salad of the day

We prepare fresh salads daily. Prices are shown on the counter.

Soup of the day

Our soup of the day is from the Tideford organic range. Prices are shown on the counter.


Description Price
Crisps £1.20
Chocolate bars £1.15
Fruit bars £1.25
Mints £1.10
Popcorn £1.20

Bakes, cakes and pastries

We have a selection of fresh, homemade bakes, cakes and pastries available from £1.20.

Items change daily.

Drinks menu

Hot drinks

Decaffeinated options are available. Speak to a member of CAFE staff for information.

Hot drinks Price - Regular Price - Large
All teas £2.10
Hot chocolate £2.00 £2.10
Espresso £1.60 £1.90
Macchiato £1.70 £2.00
Americano £1.70 £1.80
Latte £1.90 £2.00
Cappuccino £1.90 £2.00
Flat white £2.00
Mocha £2.05 £2.25
Chai latte £1.95 £2.10
Extra coffee shot £0.65
Marshmallows £0.60
Cream £0.60
Syrups £0.65
Glass of milk £0.60

Bottled beer and cider

Please drink responsibly.

Drink Price
Butcombe Gold £4.20
Butcombe Rare Breed £4.20
Peroni £3.45
Butcombe Goram £4.20
Butcombe Bitter £4.20
Norcotts original cider £4.05
Norcotts pear cider £4.05
Norcotts elderflower cider £4.05


Spirit Brand Price
Vodka Smirnoff Red £2.25
Vodka Grey Goose £3.25
Rum Bacardi £2.25
Rum Malibu £2.25
Gin Bombay Sapphire £2.45
Gin Tanqueray £2.45
Whiskey Jameson £2.25
Whiskey Jack Daniel’s £2.45
Whisky Glenmorangie £3.45
Tequila Olmeca Silver £2.25
Brandy Delour Napoleon £2.25
Brandy Courvoisier £2.95
Vermouth Martini Extra Dry £2.25
Vermouth Martini Rosso £2.25

Red wine

Brand 125ml 175ml 250ml Bottle
Pinot Noir £3.20 £4.10 £5.50 £15.50
Artesa Organic Tempranillo £3.40 £4.40 £6.20 £17.50
Castelbello Merlot £2.95 £3.75 £4.85 £13.50

White wine

Brand 125ml 175ml 250ml Bottle
Ayrum Verdejo Albail £2.95 £3.75 £4.85 £13.50
Pinot Grigio £3.40 £4.40 £6.20 £17.50
Sauvignon Blanc £3.20 £4.10 £5.50 £15.50

Rosé wine

Brand 125ml 175ml 250ml Bottle
Principato Pino Grigio Blush £3.40 £4.40 £6.20 £17.50

Sparkling wine and champagne

Brand 125ml 175ml 250ml Bottle
Sant'Orsola Prosecco n/a n/a n/a £19.95
Taittinger n/a n/a n/a £45


Brand Price
Amaretto £2.25
Baileys £2.80
Cointreau £2.25
Kahlúa £2.25
Tia Maria £2.25


Mixer Price
Tonic water £1.30
Bitter lemon £1.30
Ginger ale £1.30
Tomato juice £1.30

Soft drinks

Drinks Price
Bradley's Quench £1.90
Bradley's apple juice £1.90
Bradley's orange juice £1.90
Still or sparkling water 330ml £1.45
Still or sparkling water 750ml £2.65
Coke £2.10
Diet coke £1.75