The Careers Service operates under the following policies and codes of practice:

The QAA Code of Practice

The QAA Code of Practice states that Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) provision should be guided by a commitment to impartiality and the needs of individual students. Students should have equitable access to CEIAG provision, including ensuring that steps are taken to provide additional support where appropriate. Provision can be designed to take account of those acknowledged as disadvantaged in the labour market: those protected by equalities legislation, students with less established contact with the labour market, and international students.

The University of Bath

The University of Bath intends to provide its services to students, staff, visitors and others in a fair and equitable way. It monitors the recruitment, achievement and retention of staff and students, and provides its staff with equalities training. Its objectives and equality action plan aim to ensure equality and diversity is fully incorporated into its core business. For more detail, please see the University’s Statement of Equality Objectives.

The Careers Service, in furtherance of this principle, is committed to monitoring and improving its performance. This covers various aspects of the service, including:

  • promoting the service effectively to all users
  • providing relevant and accurate information for service users
  • overcoming barriers to access, including the provision of materials in alternative formats (with notice)
  • monitoring usage of elements of the service where practicable
  • supporting providers' justifiable positive action initiatives.