These organisations offer external scholarships. Contact the organisation directly about how to apply and their eligibility criteria.


The International Women in Media Scholarship is worth $1,000.
Everipedia International Women in Media Scholarship

South West Shopfittings

A £500 scholarship for undergraduate or postgraduate students interested in retail.
South West Shopfittings Scholarship Award

Royal Television Society

A £1,000 scholarship plus other opportunities for students of Electrical & Electronic Engineering considering a career in television.
Royal Television Society Technology Bursaries

Matinée Multilingual

The Matinée Voice-Over Scholarship is worth $1,000 and is an opportunity to demonstrate your language, writing and marketing skills.
Matinée Multilingual Scholarship

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

A £500 bursary for students who demonstrate financial need, a passion for Finance and determination to improve the lives of others.
Corporate Finance Institute Bursary

Pacific Prime

A $1,000 scholarship for undergraduate or postgraduate students to help them succeed in their chosen area of study.
Pacific Prime International Scholarship Program

Rapid Formations Entrepreneur

Up to 20 scholarships of £500 are awarded on a competitive basis to students who clearly demonstrate academic excellence and/or entrepreneurial potential. You can use the funding for any purpose related to the advancement of study.
Rapid Formations Entrepreneur Scholarship


Up to 10 scholarships of £3,000 available for undergraduate students studying Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths.
UKNEST Scholarship

1st Formations Business

A £600 scholarship for students who show a desire to run their own business.
1st Formations Business Scholarship

The Foundation of St Matthias

A £10,000 scholarship paid once a year for up to three years to undergraduate students with a commitment to making a significant contribution to religious life through the Church of England.
The Foundation of St Matthias Scholarship

Xero Entrepreneur

A £2,000 scholarship for UK undergraduate or postgraduate students studying a business-related degree. Designed to help students on their entrepreneurial journey.
Xero Entrepreneur Scholarship

Bright!Tax Global

A minimum of $1,000 scholarship for United States citizens studying outside of the USA.
Bright!Tax Global Scholarship


A $200-$2,000 scholarship for new students demonstrating academic excellence.
Rabbut Scholarships

Gap Year Escape

A £500 scholarship for students interested in pursuing a career in business and marketing-related fields.
Gap Year Escape Scholarship

Eagle House Educational Trust

A scholarship of up to £1,500 for children and young people in Somerset and historic Avon who have been looked after in foster or residential care. You can also apply if you have received considerable support from Children's Social Care at some point in your life.
Eagle House Educational Trust Scholarship

Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust

Bursaries of up to £3,000 per year for full-time, UK undergraduate students and £5,000 per year for full-time, UK postgraduate students. You can apply if you are in financial need and the son, daughter or partner of a chemist, grocer or commercial traveller.
Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust Scholarship

Carspring IMI Female Automotive

A £1,000 scholarship for two undergraduate or postgraduate female students who aspire to work in the automotive industry. This can be in any part of the automotive industry from engineering to marketing.
Carspring IMI Female Automotive Scholarship

Gaming Verdict Video Game

A £1,200 scholarship for undergraduate or postgraduate students passionate about video gaming.
Gaming Verdict Video Game Scholarship

Typology Central Personality Type

Awards of $500 to $2,000 for undergraduate or postgraduate students. Designed to help provide educational opportunities for students interested in the study of personality type theory and its practical applications.
Typology Central Personality Type Scholarship

The VueVille Future Technology

A $1,000 scholarship to support students in their educational aspirations.
The VueVille Future Technology Scholars