Use our guides to getting Assistive Technologies help as a student or as a member of staff to find out how you can borrow equipment. The following items are available to loan, to trial or to help you work or study.

Use our hearing loops

Staff and students can borrow our easy set-up Geemarc Loop Hear 101 personal induction loop for short periods. It can be used in rooms which do not have hearing loops, for events or for hearing impaired visitors. View a full list of rooms with hearing loops installed.

Create tactile (3D) diagrams

We have a copy of TactileView design software to help students or staff who need to produce tactile diagrams using either our braille embosser, or swell paper and our Zyfuse heater. It is available on a memory stick to loan.

Loan other equipment

  • A wide range of keyboards and mice to ensure good ergonomics work station
  • ABiSee and Zoom-Ex to read books out loud
  • Andrea Headsets to use with text-to-speech or speech-to-text software
  • Digital voice recorders and microphones to record your lectures or interviews
  • Dolphin keyboard to make navigating supernova software even easier
  • Humanware Brailliante refreshable braille display to read text in Braille
  • Humanware Prodigi tablet to magnify text and have it read back to you
  • Various sizes of laptop to be able to carry out your work and use AT software
  • Ziggi document camera to record and stream images to your devices