Dietary information

We use a food-labelling system on the menus in our hospitality outlets. This provides dietary information about the main ingredients of our food.

If you have questions about the ingredients of a meal or product, please speak with a member of staff.

Café menus

Help maintain a healthy diet with our specially-designed dishes.


Breakfasts Dietary information Price
Full English Contains pork £4.50
Veggie breakfast Suitable for vegetarians £3.80
Bacon Contains pork £1.05
Sausage Contains pork £1.05
Baked beans Suitable for vegans and vegetarians £1.05
Mushrooms Suitable for vegans and vegetarians £0.70
Grilled tomatoes Suitable for vegans and vegetarians £0.70
Wholemeal bacon bap Contains pork £2.75
Wholemeal sausage bap Contains pork £2.75
Bagels £1.30
Omelette Suitable for vegetarians £2.60
Cheese omelette Suitable for vegetarians £3.30
Ham omelette Contains pork £3.60
Ham and cheese omelette Contains pork £4.10
Scrambled egg Suitable for vegetarians £1.05
Poached egg Suitable for vegetarians £1.05
Organic porridge Suitable for vegetarians £1.65
Organic muesli Suitable for vegetarians £1.65
Cereal £1.60
Fruit salad and natural yogurt Suitable for vegetarians £1.95
Toast with butter or Flora Suitable for vegetarians £0.60
Spreads From £0.15

Build your own bowl

Choose protein, carbohydrate and side options, building your own bowl to suit your individual requirements.

These dishes have been designed in conjunction with Team Bath's Sports Nutritionist.

Available selection changes daily.

Protein bowls Price
Training food From £3.45
Sportsman special From £3.25
Vegetarian From £2.40
Child's option From £0.45
Carb bowls Price
Pasta and grains From £1.60
Jacket potato £1.10
Sweet potato £1.60
Child's option From £1.20


We freshly prepare sides daily.

Sides Price
Freshly steamed vegetables From £0.90
Salad From £0.90
Child's option From £0.45

Children's menu

Pick'n'mix items Price
Choose any five of these items £2.60
Kids' vegetable pot
Kids' fruit pot
Kids' custard pot

Frozen yogurts

A healthier alternative to ice cream: fat free, pro-biotic yogurt.

Frozen yogurts Description Price
Natural yogurt with a sauce Banana and toffee sauce £3.10
Tropical Mango and tropical sauce £3.10
Start Right Granola and fruit compote £3.10
Marathon Roasted nuts and seeds, chocolate and toffee sauce £3.10
Berry Pavlova Mixed berries and meringue £3.10
Chocoholic Chocolate drops and chocolate sauce £3.10

Build your own natural yogurt

Start with a frozen yogurt base, including a choice of chocolate, strawberry, toffee or tropical sauce for £2.45.

Add toppings for £0.70 each, including:

  • banana
  • blueberry compote
  • chocolate drops
  • granola
  • mango
  • meringue
  • mixed berries
  • nuts and seeds
  • raspberry compote


Salads Price
Marinated chicken breast £3.10
Tuna £2.40
Cheddar cheese £1.90
Marinated salmon fillet £3.50
Carbohydrate-based salad £0.95
Non-carbohydrate-based salads £0.95

Pre-workout smoothies

Pre-workout smoothies Price
Summer fruit smoothie £3.25
Real banana milkshake £3.25
Spinach, apple and mango £3.25
Cranberry and mango smoothie £3.25
Raspberry and banana smoothie £3.25

Protein recovery shakes

Our recovery shakes contain an extra 20g of protein.

Recovery shakes Price
Peanut butter and banana £3.25
Chocolate and banana £3.25
Nutty strawberry and banana £3.25
Iced vanilla latte £3.25
Iced mocha latte £3.25

Hot drinks

Hot drinks Regular Large
Americano £1.80 £2.10
Cappuccino £2.00 £2.30
Espresso £1.60 £1.90
Latte £2.00 £2.30
Macchiato £1.70 £2.00
Mocha £2.25 £2.65
Hot chocolate £2.20 £2.60
Chai vanilla latte £2.25 £2.65
Matcha latte £2.25 £2.65
Breakfast tea £1.50
Decaf tea £1.70
Recovery hot chocolate £2.30 £2.60
Recovery mocha £2.50 £2.90
Recovery matcha £2.10 £2.40
Marshmallows £0.70
Whipped cream £0.70

All our hot drinks can be made with almond milk. This costs an additonal 30p. Ask your server for details.

Recovery hot drinks

Our recovery hot drinks contain an extra 20g of protein.

Hot drink Regular Large
Recovery hot chocolate £2.30 £2.60
Recovery mocha £2.50 £2.90

Loose leaf tea

Tea Price
Breakfast tea £2.20
Peppermint tea £2.20
Green tea and sencha £2.20
Earl Grey and blue flower £2.20
Chamomile £2.20
Red berry £2.20

Sandwiches and wraps

Build your own sandwich or wrap.

Choose your bread Price
White baguette £1.40
Granary baguette £1.40
White bagel £1.60
Granary bagel £1.60
Whole grain wraps £1.10

Add a filling of your choice. Available fillings change daily.

Fillings Price
Chicken, bacon and mayo £2.65
Chicken tikka £2.65
Chicken £2.65
Tuna mayo £2.65
Sliced ham £1.70
Cheddar cheese £1.70
Falafel and mint yoghurt £2.40
Roast vegetable and humus £2.40
Mackerel pate £2.20
Brie and cranberry £2.40
Filling of the day £2.75